How many days holiday do Scottish teachers get?

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To address these gaps, most countries have opted for multimodal approaches that include the use of high-tech, low-tech and/or traditional paper-based dissemination. To increase accessibility, some governments are distributing digital devices and improving connectivity options. For example, in Croatia, telecommunications providers have agreed to distribute SIM cards to low-income students so that they can have free Internet access. Kazakhstan is introducing unlimited access to 380 national educational platforms and resources through a “Bilim” (knowledge) tariff plan provided by all mobile operators for students and teachers.

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Actually, calendar in hand, the change that has been decided in Cantabria is not too radical. The school days will be the same as in the rest of the autonomous communities -and the same as in the previous model-. The way of distributing them changes. The most striking transformation is the introduction of a week’s vacation at the beginning of November (taking advantage of the holiday on the 1st), which will be cut from the (long) summer vacation. Otherwise, the Christmas and Easter vacations remain as they are now, as well as a few days in February (from Thursday to Tuesday, instead of a full week) that would correspond to what, under the current model, is celebrated in several communities as Carnival vacations or white week.

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The Regional Ministry, the unions and the parents’ associations are studying the possibility of the centers remaining open during these intermediate weeks, which would solve the problem of conciliation, but, in a way, would dilute a little the intention of the vacations to mark the passage from one school period to the next.


For most workers, the week starts first thing Monday morning, and from then on, it’s an 8-hour day for 5 days. That schedule does not reflect the marathon schedules of many freelancers and shift and on-call professionals, but it does reflect the day-to-day schedules faced by most employees.

The debate now focuses on how the reduction of the working day would affect work-life balance and productivity and has reached the Congress of Deputies on account of an amendment by Más País proposing to promote the implementation of the 4-day week. Despite the initial rejection, the second vice-president, Pablo Iglesias, has recognized this week that the Ministry of Labor is exploring the reduction of working time.

For José Canseco, the positive effects for the employee are reflected in the fact that “family or personal reconciliation with work is much greater”. At the same time, he stresses that this model “motivates us or forces us to concentrate more and focus more on what we are doing because otherwise we would not have time to do it”, which he says can generate stress in some workers.

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As an elementary school teacher, you will develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. You will facilitate learning by building rapport with students, keeping their learning resources organized, and creating a positive learning environment in the classroom.

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Hours vary from school to school, but are usually from 8:30 am to 3:30 or 4:00 pm. Most teachers are in school before the school day begins and remain after school ends.

Most course providers require a good honors degree to join the PGCE. Primary teacher training is open to graduates in all subjects, but a degree in a subject area of the national curriculum will increase your chances. You must also have GCSEs in English, math and science. For more information on how to get QTS, explore your options at Get into Teaching.

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How many days holiday do Scottish teachers get?
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