How much is a Personalised number plate UK?

How much is a Personalised number plate UK?

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Recently, the use of personalized license plates (known as “Private Number Plates”) in the UK has been increasing. The choice of characters is quite wide, although there are some forbidden combinations.

3.2) Also, the plate itself can be the reason for exclusivity on the vehicle itself.  Some combinations can easily reach higher prices than those of the vehicle itself. A few months ago we presented a news item on this subject on the island of Jersey with the J68 license plate.

British license plate

The coveted “F1” license plate, owned by businessman Afzal Kahn, is currently on sale for a whopping £14,412,093, or more than 16.5 million euros (including tax). This figure is only within the reach of capricious people with a large bank account. It remains to be seen whether anyone will finally pay this enormous amount.

A decade ago, it was surprising that someone would pay this record amount for a plaque, even if it was as iconic as the one we are talking about here. In 2014, another millionaire broke the record by paying more than 600,000 euros for another license plate. In that case, John Collins, a luxury car dealer, acquired the “25 O” to place on a prized Ferrari 250 SWB that had belonged to Eric Clapton.

Personalized license plates are a business in the UK, where specific auctions are held. The company Regtransfers is dedicated to the registration and marketing of these plates and even has an online search engine to locate those that are available and the price they cost.

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Studying English in the United Kingdom is the perfect excuse to live an experience that will change your future for the better. The United Kingdom has been a country of opportunities for centuries, becoming almost from the beginning one of the most important countries in the world where everyone wants to be. From the best companies, the best English schools, the best parties, the best museums, restaurants, theaters… the UK does not lack a detail to become the place where you can learn English. Keep reading to know all the advantages of studying English in the UK!

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UK Badges

Every student is different and my passion is to find the most suitable way to achieve your UK university goal.The key is to get to know you well and work together to make a coherent university application, highlighting your skills, abilities, vision and motivation as an individual that will get the universities attention.

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At this stage, I will manage the application, meeting deadlines, ensuring that universities see your education, grades, strengths and personal achievements in the best possible light.

The academic reference is an important part of the application. I will provide tips for your professors to understand the details that need to be highlighted in the academic reference or, if applicable, I will draft a customized template in English to facilitate the process.

Perhaps the most important element of an application is the personal statement, and this is where I will give you a lot of help, as I understand that it can be difficult for you. This letter is what universities will use to decide if you deserve a place in their program, so working as a team, we put all our effort into developing a personal statement that will convince them of your worth.

How much is a Personalised number plate UK?
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