Is ride to the wall on this year?

Is ride to the wall on this year?

Cappella dei magi

“Matschgerer”, “Huttler”, “Muller” and “Roller”, are names of archaic characters typical of the Tyrolean carnival tradition that is still very much alive in Innsbruck and its 25 villages. To get a closer look at this mystical world full of colors and impressive masks, nothing better than to come to Innsbruck and its villages during the carnival season and experience the carnival festivities first hand. You will see how people try to drive the winter out of the Alpine valleys dressed in fantastic costumes and outfits following the rites of a centuries-old tradition. A curious fact: behind the masks there are always men, even if the character played is female.

Where the medici lived

For its part, Morro Jable will also have for the first time a float, which will join the usual parade with botafuegos, batucada, stilt walkers and jugglers. In this case, the parade will start from the Avenida del Saladar, at the height of Stella Canaris, on a route that will pass through the maritime avenue and the pedestrian streets of the center of the town, ending at the municipal tent of Tagoror Park.

Both Pájara and Morro Jable and Costa Calma will start their parades at 17.00 hours. In La Lajita, the parade will start at 19.00 hours and will go through the main streets of the village, in a parade that will feature jugglers. All the parades will also end with chocolates and sweets for those present.

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The Three Kings Parade 2022 madrid

Peter the Gotoso, the first-born son of Cosimo the Elder, commissioned Benozzo Gozzoli to paint a cycle of frescoes on the journey of the three kings to Bethlehem (the processions of the Epiphany, the Council of Florence and the visit of Pope Pius II) for three of the walls of the chapel of the Medici Riccardi palace on the Via Larga in Florence. In these paintings, which were painted for the greater glory of Medici propaganda, different languages coexist, one realistic and the other symbolic; one popular and the other erudite. We reveal to our readers the mysteries that these paintings contain.

These religious institutions were favorite clients of the Medici patronage. Hence the powerful banker used to retire to one of the Dominican cells, adorned, by the way, with a fresco of the Magi, to meditate isolated from the worldly noise. The fact was that this Renaissance palace became the Medici microcosm in Florence.

The aspiring “father of the fatherland”, whose lust for power was reserved for intimacy, flaunted his discretion before his fellow citizens, embodying the model of civic virtue. In the image of this dual personality, the family’s new residence will contrast container and content. The exterior will show a stone mass whose sobriety is only broken by the cushioned ashlars. While the interior will exude luxury and, although restrained in Cosimo’s rooms, it will overflow in the Scrittoio where his son Pedro read exquisite books.

Three kings parade barcelona 2022

Continuing with the route followed by the Three Kings Cavalcade through the streets of Pamplona, we will deal on this occasion with Abejeras Street, where the school of Santa Catalina is located, which nowadays constitutes the starting point of the second stage of the triumphal parade of Their Majesties, the one that begins at dusk on January 5 and goes through the wide and lively urban streets of the Second Eixample and the heart of the city.

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As can be deduced from this testimony, our rulers of the middle of the 18th century -and those of previous times- had austerity as a rule. Everything was put to good use here. So they agreed to place a stone cross where there used to be a wooden one, but instead of destroying the old one, they chose to move it to another place, painting it green so that there would not be two crosses with the same name and this could cause confusion in the future when referring to both terms.

The cross was built with two bodies of stone masonry. In April 1974, as a result of the important works that gave rise to the construction of the current Plaza de los Fueros, which meant a radical transformation of the urban physiognomy of this part of the city, the old cross had to be dismantled and provisionally deposited in a municipal warehouse, with a view to its replacement.

Is ride to the wall on this year?
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