What are the symptoms of a bad SIM card?

If a SIM card gets wet, it is damaged.

It is very common that, when a SIM card has been inserted for the first time or when you have changed cell phone, it has not been placed correctly in the slot and therefore it is not recognizing it. For example, if you have inserted it upside down, or if it is not properly snapped in, etc. In order to solve this:

Before, many mobiles brought the SIM card slot just behind the battery, others began to have it in the form of a slot on the flanks. Nowadays, they usually have a tray in which the SIM/s and the microSD usually fit. Do not rule out that the tray is not properly inserted, or that you have inserted it with the reverse side. To solve this:

Another thing that can happen so that your mobile does not recognize SIM card is that the contact between the gold pads of the card and the contacts of the mobile is not being made well. This can be for several reasons, but they are easily solved:

Similar to the above, it can also happen that when you change contract, or when you acquire some mobile devices from China or other different geographical areas, the configuration is not correct for your operator and your area:

Fix damaged sim card

Did you encounter an error message saying “Invalid SIM card” or “SIM card not detected” on your Android phone? Is the SIM card still available in your phone but it still says “no SIM card”?

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If you have faced the same situation, don’t worry, I have gathered some of the best solutions to fix “Invalid SIM card” error on Android. Hopefully, following them will help you get rid of the problem.

Well, the invalid SIM card error means that there is no SIM card in your phone or it may be due to a faulty connection or it is loose. It doesn’t matter why you get this error message because there is some connection between your SIM card and your tray.

Well, I would like to say that your phone has two blockages that can lead to that error message. Very few users know that their phone is locked or not. Two different locks include:

Now, here I will show you different ways to solve SIM-free error message on Android phone. If you get this kind of error message, don’t worry, just follow the solutions below.

Telcel sim card

When you change your mobile device, or when you change your SIM card, it is common that the terminal does not recognize it. If your mobile does not recognize the SIM card, it may be due to several causes that must first be analyzed to find out how to proceed to solve the problem. In this tutorial you will learn how to find out why the SIM is not working and the possible solutions.

This way you will get out of one of the worst problems you can have with this type of devices, since without these cards you have neither phone line nor data, so you will be completely incommunicado.

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One of the most frequent causes when you have changed cell phones or have acquired a new SIM card for the first time is not having placed it correctly. Although modern cell phones include slots in which it can only fit in one way, it is possible that some models allow you to insert it in one way or another. To solve this problem:

Another reason why the mobile does not recognize SIM card is because you have not inserted the tray properly. Modern mobiles use a card where the SIM (single or dual) and/or the microSD memory card usually go. When it is inserted, even if it has been done in the correct way, sometimes it is not inserted all the way in and this causes no contact. To resolve this fault:

How to know if my sim card has a virus

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What are the symptoms of a bad SIM card?
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