What can 50000 Avios get you?

What can 50000 Avios get you?

Travel with Avios

10% discount when booking your flights on www.iberia.com.Tarjeta Iberia Plus Silver (with priority check-in and boarding, +25% extra Avios on Iberia flights, additional baggage and less renewal requirements).

1. For new direct deposit of salary or pension for an amount of at least 600€/month and a permanence of 12 months. The Promotional Bonus constitutes a return on movable capital subject to the corresponding ratio in accordance with the applicable tax regulations (currently 19%), which the Bank will pass on to the Participant and pay him/her the remainder, €81. Promotion valid from January 1 to March 31, 2022, extendable. To sign up for the Santander One Iberia Plus Plan, the customer must have a credit card contract issued by the Bank (with the exception of the LaLiga Santander card, the Santander Prime card, the Santander Cepsa Advance card and the Solred Businnes Santander card) or a Santander Iberia Icon or Classic card contract. In the case of the Elite mode, you must be the holder of a Santander Iberia Icon Card.


Abanca, Cajamar and BBVA are among the banks giving money away this month with proposals with which you can get up to 300 euros for direct deposit of your salary and fulfill some additional requirements.

This month there are five banks where you can get a gift in the form of cash in exchange for direct deposit of your salary or meeting other requirements:    Abanca (up to €300), Cajamar (€200), BBVA (€100), Banco Santander (€100) and Orange Bank (€20).

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Abanca offers 300 euros (243 euros after applying the corresponding IRPF withholding) for direct deposit of salary to new customers living in the Community of Madrid and 150 euros to other users who deposit their salary each month. To obtain this gift, the bank imposes the following conditions:

Cajamar has a promotion with which those customers (old or new) who direct deposit their salary can get a gift for direct deposit of their salary of 200 euros (162 euros after taxes). To do so, the bank only requires two conditions to be met:

Iberia plus

In Iberia’s website, we can find the Avios required for the issuance of an airline, either in High or Low season, and Iberia or Associates. In this sense, you can see all the information in this link.

In the table above, the line corresponding to the distance between Buenos Aires and Madrid (which we had previously calculated at 6261 miles) is marked. As you can see, the amount of Avios to redeem for a Blue fare leg is 25,500 Avios (plus taxes).

As the Avios required are for roundtrip, the mileage allowance must also be doubled. Therefore, the roundtrip miles Buenos Aires Santiago add up to 1388 (694 x 2), so the Avios requirement must be in Band 3: 17,000 Avios.

Another example: I was credited with 90,000 Avios. I issue for 30,000 Avios, and transfer 60,000 Avios to my British Airways account. On December 2, Iberia will subtract 60,000 Avios from my account (the amount for which I did not issue). The new account balance is negative 60,000.

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Use iberia avios

Share with your friends! How many miles do I need to accumulate and earn to get a free ticket to travel? We are going to use an emblematic and coveted city for all Latinos, Miami, in the state of Florida, where we all want to travel and from there, if possible, take a trip to Disney! You are going to learn how to earn and get free miles.

It seems like a lot of miles, but don’t think it is. As you start collecting free miles by different means (and learning how to earn free miles and how to accumulate free miles), you realize that it is quite affordable to get a free ticket to travel around the world, in our case to Miami!

Every time we fill up with gas, when we go to the supermarket, if we go to the movies, when we use our credit cards, if we take out a car or home insurance, there are so many circumstances in which we can earn miles, that earning them is easy, but the important thing is to find out, to be informed, to know where to buy.

What can 50000 Avios get you?
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