What certificates do I need as a landlord?

What certificates do I need as a landlord?

Certificate fnmt representative

In the case of vehicles that went abroad directly from the special customs treatment zone, and that return to said zone without having touched national territory, the current account of the temporary admission period of the Passerby will remain the same, that is to say, the days in which said vehicle was abroad are not discounted from the balance of the period to remain temporarily in the rest of the country.

On the other hand, if the vehicle went abroad directly from the special customs treatment zone, and then re-enters the national territory through an outpost located in the rest of the country, the days to be deducted from the current account of the Pasavante must also consider the period in which the vehicle remained abroad.

The Pasavante is personal and non-transferable and therefore, only the owner of the vehicle may drive it outside the extension zone. By exception, it may be driven by non-owners only in the following cases:

Representative certificate

What are the requirements to sell a property? What documents are needed? How to obtain them? What is the cost of each one of them? On this page you will find the answers to all these questions.

Floor plans are especially recommended if you are advertising the sale of a house to be renovated. By showing the layout of the spaces and the master walls, you will give enough information to potential buyers about the possibilities of the property.

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If there are justifiable reasons for not having this certificate at the time of sale, the buyer can exempt you from presenting it. For it, you will have to notify him in advance the conditions of the property and this one will have to agree to buy the floor in this situation. The notary will have to attest to this in the deed.

If you have not finished paying the mortgage, you can liquidate the debt with the amount of the sale and purchase of the apartment. For this you have to bring a certificate of outstanding debt issued by your bank. The buyer’s bank will issue a check to your bank with the outstanding balance and one to your name with the rest of the purchase money. This usually happens during the day of the signing.

Fnmt without legal personality

The sale of a house is an operation of certain importance and complexity that requires to carry out a series of obligatory procedures if we do not want to have scares in the future and to receive claims by damages or sanctions by unpaid taxes.

The nota simple, which can be obtained from the Land Registry, certifies the name of the owner, and also includes a lot of other information about the property: description of the property, whether it is free of encumbrances, mortgages, urban planning conditions, possible uses of the property, etc. At this point, discrepancies can arise if the identity of the owner does not coincide with that of the seller (the property is the result of an inheritance or the owner resides abroad).

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If the house is located in a community of owners, a certificate must be presented to the administrator of the property indicating that there are no community fees pending payment. This document must be duly signed by the Administrator-Secretary, giving his approval to the President of the community.

Certificate of legal entity documentation

Prerequisites to process a digital certificateThere are three requirements that are absolutely necessary to obtain the digital certificate of a community of owners.These requirements are the following:As the first two requirements are totally different to the issue we are dealing with, we have written an article for each one of them.Please, visit them.Please, take into account that constituting a community of owners is indispensable to take agreements since it does not exist if it is not constituted. Please, visit them.Keep in mind that to constitute a community of owners is indispensable to take agreements since the community of owners does not exist if it is not constituted.In the same way, you cannot request the contracting of services without having a CIF To whom are you going to invoice the services that you contract if you do not have CIF?

How to obtain a digital certificate of your homeowners association step by stepThe application for the digital certificate is simple if you know the steps to follow, but if you do not know the procedure, it can become very complicated. Step 1: Request the digital certificate at the FNMTFNMT is the abbreviation of fabrica nacional de moneda y timbre, and it is through its web page where the digital certificate is requested.As it is a digital certificate for a community of owners, it has to be requested as an entity without legal personality. To make the procedure easier, we leave you a direct link to the web page of the electronic headquarters of the fabrica nacional de moneda y timbre where you can request the digital certificate for the communities of neighbors, when you have requested it, they will give you a key that you must keep to be able to accredit the request in a later step.

What certificates do I need as a landlord?
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