What country is mk on a number plate?

What country is mk on a number plate?

Registration Slovenia

Calculate online instantly how much the registration tax costs to register a new car, import car, motorcycle, quad or motorhome. The registration tax is a special tax on certain means of transport that is set by the tax authorities for vehicles that are being registered for the first time or that have been imported from other countries, for example Germany. In the case of a new car, motorcycle or motorhome it is necessary to know the taxable base (total cost excluding VAT) to calculate the cost of the registration tax.

World license plates

The Swedish license plate, or Swedish car license plate, has the conditions explained above. It may also be known as Swedish license plate or Swedish registration plate. The letters used internationally are S. In English, the license plates from Sweden, are specified above. The international code used by Sweden is S. Find out much more about Sweden.

All information shown has been extracted from official files of each state, by personal sightings, by contact with car clubs in other countries, or by means of media or files referenced in the text.

Registration m country

Since its independence, North Macedonia has had a conflict with Greece over its name until the Prespa agreement in June 2018. While the plates prior to 2012 did not include the country code, MK , it is present on the new model. Therefore, the Greek authorities have decided to cover it with a sticker on all cars registered after 2012 that cross the Greek border. This sticker shows “Recognized by Greece as FYROM” in Greek and English. The Prespa agreement , signed in June 2018, resolves the conflict over the name of the country with the adoption of “North Macedonia” as the official name of the country. This is ratified by the Greek and Macedonian parliaments in January 2019 and entered into force in February 2019. As part of this agreement, North Macedonia will remove the country code MK on these license plates in favor of the new code NMK .

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Registration europa a

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What country is mk on a number plate?
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