What does D mean on a school register?

School registration: example

NO RIGHTS, is when the student registers for a subject and does not attend classes, the teacher when reviewing the non-attendance has the power to assign the student NO RIGHTS, this impacts at the time of his graduation because if the student has the opportunity to graduate by average, this subject will prevent it.

Active (regular) students, who do not have any outstanding course or enrollment debts. The student must pass the coordination of school control with a letter addressed to the coordinator of school control, stating the reasons for requesting the license, attaching proof of the reason for the request and show proof of payment of the semester paid.

Evaluation record

You have the right to see your child’s school records. Is it hard for you to see the records at school? Ask if the school can mail them to you. Many will provide copies at a moderate cost.

Send the letter to the school district’s special education director. You can also send a copy to the school principal, special education teacher, and others involved in your child’s education, such as the school psychologist.

You can send the letter by e-mail or a printed letter with a return receipt requested. You can deliver it directly and ask for a copy stamped “received on this date. If you fax it, keep a copy of the delivery receipt. Follow up by phone to make sure the letter was received and write in your notes when you called and who you spoke to.

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Once you have seen the school records, make copies and add them to your ring binder so you can make notes on the extra copy. Some agencies will not accept official documents with changes written on them. Be aware that the school is allowed to charge a reasonable fee for making copies.

Basic Education Registration

The system used in the United States is the alphabet letters A through F, with the exception of E. In order to pass, a minimum of C must be obtained. The maximum is A (90-100 %) Grading is as follows: A (very good), B (good), C (sufficient), D (deficient) and F (very deficient).

In addition, in some higher education schools there are NP (No Presentó) grades, which means that the student has no grade, and AC (acreditado), when the student obtains the minimum grade to pass. In some high schools the minimum passing grade is 7. There is also a DA (Academic Dishonesty) grade, numerically 1/100, which is given to students who plagiarize or copy during an exam.

The system used in Cuba corresponds to a scale of 0 to 100; less than 60 is a fail. In universities, the grade ranges from 2 to 5, with 2 being a failing grade, 3 a passing grade and 5 the highest grade.

Primary school records

If students are to be oriented towards deep learning, towards reasoning, critical examination of evidence, practical application of what they have learned, and informed assessment, then this is what must be evaluated.

In the school, not only are the express purposes of teachers fulfilled, nor, beyond that, the express purposes of the Constitution and the laws. Underneath this obvious framework, the confessed and unconfessed purposes of various sectors and social classes, which are manifested in this institution as in other instances of society, are intertwined. And at the time of evaluation, these interests can impose themselves with special force, due to the implications of the process (Álvarez Méndez, 1995 Ayuste et al., 1994).

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Discriminations, the justification of inequalities, the control over the less powerful, tend to manifest themselves particularly at this time. This is not a diabolical plan, but a chain of pressures, ideologies and actions over time.

What does D mean on a school register?
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