What does manufacturer warranty cover on appliances?

What does manufacturer warranty cover on appliances?

Warranty in Spain

That is why today we are going to explain what is covered and what is not covered by the warranty of household appliances. But before getting into the subject, the best thing to do is to be clear about what a warranty is and the different types there are.

Warranties come into force from the date of purchase of the product, usually the date that appears on the invoice or receipt of purchase, or the date of delivery if the appliance is received later than the purchase, in this case the start date will be the one that appears on the delivery note. So… don’t forget to keep all these papers, you may need them one day!

All sellers and manufacturers are obliged to offer a warranty for their appliances. The rules regarding warranties are set out in the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users that I mentioned before, and by Law 29/2009 amending the regime of unfair competition and advertising to improve the protection of consumers and users.

Warranty conditions for electronic equipment

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As consumers, we have a right recognized by the Law, which protects us for a period of time against existing defects or lack of conformity with the products we purchased at the time of sale. It is what is known as warranty, and in this article we will try to solve the main doubts that usually arise when making use of it: what it consists of, when it is applied, what types of warranties exist and how it works.


The Consumer Law states that consumers have the right to three options: exchange of the product, free repair or refund of the purchase price during the first three months of the purchase. It is the consumer who chooses which of these options, not the company.

The company may eventually carry out a technical diagnosis of the product to find out the reasons for the problem, but it will always be the consumer who chooses the option when the fault occurs within that period.

If a product has a voluntary warranty, the consumer must allow the product to be checked by a technical service, but if it fails again, either due to the same or a different fault, the consumer may demand an exchange, repair or refund of the amount paid.

The consumer may enforce the warranty with the seller and in case the seller cannot be located or the company no longer exists, it may be demanded from the manufacturer or the importer. Companies must offer the same conditions that the consumer had at the time of purchasing the product and not refer him, for example, to distant places or different schedules.

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Home appliances warranty

Information pageWarranty certificateCandy guarantees its products for all defects of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the appliance and attributable to acts or omissions of the producer, under the conditions and terms of this warranty, for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery of the good and certified by invoice or purchase receipt for a product purchased before 01/01/2022 **.

In order to exercise the right of warranty, the user must communicate any lack of conformity of the goods within a period not exceeding two months from the date of detection of the defect or lack of conformity. Likewise, to exercise the right of guarantee it is necessary to present to the technician of the Official Service of the Manufacturer the document that accredits the purchase (invoice, purchase receipt), where the identification of the seller, date of delivery, identification data of the appliance and sale price of the appliance are included.

If, within the warranty period, a defect in the conformity of the good attributable to actions or omissions of the manufacturer becomes apparent, the consumer shall have the right to obtain the restitution of the conformity of the good, at no cost to himself, by repair or replacement, unless the option chosen is objectively impossible or disproportionate.

What does manufacturer warranty cover on appliances?
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