What does my Samsung warranty cover?

What is covered by the warranty of a samsung television set?

The warranty is a right that the law recognizes to the consumers and that affects the goods destined to their private consumption and to the supply of contents or digital services. The warranty protects for a certain period of time against non-conformity or defects existing at the time of purchase. It also covers the installation, if it is included in the price together with the product.

It is not necessary to stamp the warranty: it is essential to keep the proof of purchase. This document is the proof of purchase date and serves as a reference to know if the warranty is still valid. In the case of an additional commercial warranty, you must keep the original warranty document.

If you find a defect or non-conformity, you must first try to repair or replace the product. You have the obligation to inform the selling company about the defect of the product. There are two options:

If you decide to repair or replace the defective product, the selling company is obliged to respect your decision, unless the chosen option is impossible to perform or disproportionate. The options must always be reasonable and must take into account: the price that the product would have if it were in conformity, the importance of the defect and the inconvenience that it could cause you if you choose another solution.

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Warranty samsung falabella

But before contacting the manufacturer with a repair request before the expiration of the warranty period, understand in which cases the warranty applies. In fact, if you received a warranty card, this does not mean that the manufacturer will repair your car in case of breakdown. The repair will be carried out only if a manufacturing defect is detected in the device. If you break the car yourself, the warranty is not valid.

For example, you can contact the warranty service if the machine does not cope with the spin cycle, vibrates too much, etc. The repair service will check the device and find out whether the cause of failure is in the defect during manufacture or incorrect operation.

Therefore, knowing the warranty periods of the purchased device and observing all the above rules, you can always count on the repair of your equipment in case of marriage (as a rule, the cases of warranty validity are indicated on the coupon). Getting a repair is quite simple. If you encounter a problem, contact a service center. There, your washing machine will be checked and installed whether it is defective or not.

Warranty samsung mexico

When buying a new cell phone it is important to make sure you know if it comes with a warranty and what kind of accidents it covers. In general, warranties cover all kinds of problems that may occur in mobile terminals and are not responsible for minor problems such as bumps or broken screen.

But are all warranties the same? They should be! However, most people do not know their rights when buying a cell phone and do not use the warranty in the right way, that is, in their favor!

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The first thing you should know about the cell phone warranty is what kind of accidents or failures it covers. The factory warranty is the one that makes the manufacturer responsible for any type of failure that arises in the terminal and that has not been caused by misuse of the mobile.

For example, companies like Amazon allow you to return the device during the first month of purchase in case it is not to your liking or is not what you expected. But this opportunity is Amazon’s decision, it is not an obligation of the European trade laws.

Warranty samsung tv colombia

During the aforementioned period, the original purchaser and subsequent purchasers are the beneficiaries of the warranty, but they must have the warranty certificate corresponding to the product purchased and indicate the date of purchase.

3. The repair or replacement of the product may be carried out with repaired spare parts equivalent to the original performance to ensure that the product can meet the best conditions required for normal use under any circumstances. Repaired or replaced products will enjoy the remaining time of the original warranty period or 90 days from the date of repair or replacement, whichever is longer.

What does my Samsung warranty cover?
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