What form do I fill in for self-employed?

Registration as self-employed in Spain

This entails a series of obligations and administrative procedures with different organizations that, although simple, can be laborious. If you are thinking of starting a business, we tell you what are the first steps to follow:

The first of the obligations of the self-employed before starting their activity is to register with the Tax Authorities.  The census declaration (forms 036 and 037) must be presented, in which the options of taxation in the IRPF, VAT regime, location of the business, activity to which it is going to be dedicated and the date of beginning of the operations will be notified. Whenever there is a variation in these data, the form 036 or 037 will have to be filed again. It is carried out in the Administration of the Tax Agency corresponding to the domicile where the activity is carried out.

Form 037 is a simplified form of form 036 that can be used by most of the self-employed, for it, they must fulfill certain conditions, among which we emphasize, to have assigned a NIF, not to act by means of representative, its fiscal domicile must coincide with the one of administrative management, they must not be included in the special VAT regimes (with the exception of the simplified regime, the special regime for agriculture, livestock and fishing or the special equivalence surcharge regime), they must not be registered in the register of intra-Community operators or in the monthly VAT refund register (REDEME).

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Self-employed registration

Actually, these would be the steps to become self-employed for the first time in Hacienda. As you can see, it is not much. However, once you have gone through all the steps, it is essential to be clear about how your registration will affect your future obligations, and you need to be well informed: As you can see, this part is more extensive and even complicated. It may be a bit of a shock at first, but we can assure you that you will get used to it. Also, remember that keeping your invoicing and tax records straight is much easier with an online invoicing program.

Form 036

If you don’t want to navigate this tedious process on your own, our corporate lawyers are ready to help you and guide you step by step. Send us an email and we will manage every step for you.

This process simply involves registering with the tax office so that they know you will be starting a business as a self-employed professional. Therefore, you are notifying them that you will start sending invoices and, thus, you must pay taxes.

The first one is the one we do not recommend. You can spend a great deal of time understanding and learning how to file your tax returns, and do it on your own. Warning: it can be complicated, especially if you are a foreigner.

Model ta 0521

2Have you thought about starting a business on your own?  The first thing to do is to go to the General Treasury of the Social Security and register as self-employed. You will also have to go through the Tax Agency and the mutual insurance company you have chosen to cover common and professional contingencies.

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To register in person, you must fill out form TA0521. You can also do it through the Social Security electronic office. In fact, remember that as of October 1, all self-employed workers will be obliged to manage electronically the procedures related to affiliation, contribution and collection of quotas. In addition, they will have to enter the electronic headquarters to receive notifications and communications from the General Treasury of the Social Security.

2. At the time of registration, they must state the managing entity or mutual insurance company for which they opt to cover the risk of occupational disease and occupational accident. Since 2007, all self-employed workers are obliged to cover these contingencies, in addition to temporary disability, with a mutual insurance company. It will be another must-visit. You can find more information on the website of the Asociación de Mutuas de Accidentes de Trabajo and on the list of mutual insurance companies on the Social Security website.

What form do I fill in for self-employed?
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