What happens to a private plate when a car is written off?

What happens to a private plate when a car is written off?

Deregistering a Spanish car abroad

Deregistering a vehicle is a procedure that can save you a lot of headaches and give you more benefits than losses. If the vehicle is still registered in the system on January 1st, you will have to pay the road tax for that vehicle even if you deregister it that same day. In addition, the insurance cannot claim the payment of the premium of the policy when you deregister your car or vehicle.

In our scrapyard we will advise you on all the necessary documentation to deregister your vehicle. If you want to deregister your car permanently, you only need to fill out the deregistration form at the scrapyard, bring your ID card and the vehicle registration certificate of the vehicle in question. We will automatically deregister the car through the DGT and we will give you the certificate of destruction of the vehicle and the proof of the definitive deregistration of the DGT.  This way you don’t need to go to the Traffic Headquarters for anything.

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What is the definitive deregistration of a car?

During the period in which a vehicle is temporarily deregistered, it will not be able to circulate and will be exempt from paying the municipal road tax. This type of deregistration has a temporary character, without a deadline and can be reverted, or become a definitive deregistration, at any time you want.

When you request the deregistration you must present the document proving that the vehicle is deregistered in the ROMA. This accreditation can be replaced by the electronic verification in the corresponding Autonomous Community.

2. In person, by submitting all the documentation indicated in the section What do you need? at any Traffic Headquarters or Office. In this case, you need to make an appointment online or by calling 060.

Temporary deregistration is for vehicles that, for whatever reason, are not going to be used for a period of time, but are likely to be used again in the future. It is therefore a status that is easy to reverse and get the vehicle back on the road again.

If the documentation has been lost or stolen, the owner must fill out a responsible statement indicating his data and those of the vehicle, alleging the reason for not presenting the documentation.

How to deregister a car in Germany

Buying a car is sometimes one of the most difficult decisions we face. There are many things to choose: the make and model, the fuel (diesel or gasoline) or the standard or optional accessories (sunroof, navigator, climate control…), among other things.

The deregistration is the procedure through which the owner of a vehicle informs the Registry of the Directorate General of Traffic of the withdrawal of the vehicle from circulation. The requirements vary depending on the type of deregistration, since there are 2 types: definitive or permanent and temporary.

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If the vehicle you want to deregister is a car or a van with a weight not exceeding 3,500 kg, the establishment in charge of processing the definitive deregistration will be the Authorized Treatment Center (CAT), upon delivery of the vehicle, the registration certificate and the technical inspection card. You must also submit the identification document, as well as the signed deregistration application that will be given to you at the CAT.

How to deregister a car that I have already sold

It is currently possible to make immediate international transfers (in 10 seconds) and with a limit of 15,000 euros, but not all banks are adhered to this system. It is advisable to check with your bank.

It is always advisable to request the vehicle’s service book. Although it is true, more and more manufacturers opt for the digital service book, especially in fairly recent vehicles. In the case of a brand such as Mercedes-Benz, since October 2012 it has been incorporating the digital service book in its entire range. In such a case, we can ask the seller to ask the official dealer for a copy of the inspections performed.

After almost 1,200 kms and a long trip, it is time to clean our car thoroughly to make it look as good as new. Our windshield and front of the vehicle will be full of German, Swiss, French and native insects. Don’t even think of removing them with kitchen scouring pads! I discovered the following article that eliminates them in a magic way and taking care of the bodywork. It is of German manufacture, it is not the cheapest, but I assure you that it is the best I have tried:

What happens to a private plate when a car is written off?
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