What is a registration retention certificate?

Law prohibiting the withholding of documents in Mexico.

3.  Civil registry of birth of the admitted applicant in which it is credited kinship with their parents, in any case, when such document does not prove the kinship, provide photocopy of the identity document of both parents (enlarged to 150%, applies to applicants admitted minors, and/or who are economically dependent on their parents).

6.  Proof from the health insurance company to which the admitted applicant is linked, indicating the condition of affiliation, and with an issue date not exceeding thirty (30) days.

Retention of documents in private schools 2020

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The certificates mentioned below are those documents approved by the Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina for issuance according to the information registered in the different systems.

If you require any of these certificates with a specific observation you must make it at the time of the request in the field of observations to be evaluated by the area of registration and control.

If you need a specific document to be filled out and certified by the Institution, you must make a certificate request “Enrolled” through your Banner platform, keep in mind that in the observations field you must specify what you need, once requested you must make the respective payment and communicate through the official channels of attention.

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Retention of school documents 2020

The District Educational Institutions will issue the study certificates previously requested by the interested parties who attended any of the basic elementary, basic secondary and/or middle school cycles.

The District Educational Institutions will issue the study certificates previously requested by the interested parties who attended any of the cycles of elementary school, junior high school and/or high school.

Document of termination of work issued by the Secretary of Education of the District to certify the termination of work of temporary teachers due to vacancies and/or administrative novelties.

This procedure allows the investigated teacher or administrative employee, his/her defense counsel or attorney to know the status of a disciplinary proceeding against him/her, in which he/she has not intervened, in order to subsequently exercise his/her right to defense.

To file complaints of alleged harassment at work so that they may be dealt with in a timely manner and in a confidential manner by the Labor Coexistence Committee of the respective locality or by the Labor Coexistence Committee of the Central Level.

Right not to have academic and certification documents withheld

It is defined as the list of series, with their corresponding documentary types, to which the time of permanence is assigned in each stage of the life cycle of the documents, that is to say, it is considered as the instrument that allows establishing which are the documents of an entity, their need and importance in terms of conservation and preservation time and what should be done with them once their validity or usefulness ends.

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The Document Classification Chart – CCD is an archival instrument that is expressed in the list of all the documentary series and sub-series with their corresponding codification, formed throughout the institutional history of the General Archive of the Nation.

What is a registration retention certificate?
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