What is a suffix registration?

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The word “record” comes from the Latin regestum, composed with the prefix -re (indicating iteration and backward direction) and gestum (performed, finished). It is related to the verb regerere (to carry back, to relate in writing, to record). Hence also the words gestum and gesture. Gestum is the participle of the verb gerere (to bring, carry out) which gave us the words manager, digest and gerund.

Originally regestum (it is singular) refers to each of the data put in a regesta (plural, genitive regestorum), which was a book where important data (date of birth, amount of taxes paid, date of death, referring to persons, and data of any nature that was mandatory to record in the administration of any activity).

In computing, register is hardware in the microprocessor that stores data temporarily to be processed as indicated by the software (program). The first microprocessors had 4-bit registers. Today they usually have 64.


– al: abundance, accumulation, set (arenal, instrumental). Proper of (floral, provincial, sidereal), tree of (pear tree, rose tree) Nouns and adjectives that are sometimes combined with augmentatives or derogatory ones. Memorial, dineral; mire, andurrial.

a- anfi- anti- archi- bi-/bis- circum- en- endo- epi- en- ex- extra- extra- helio- hemi- hemi- hyper- hypo- i- in- iso- macro- micro- mini- minus- multi- necro- neo- ophthalmo- omni- oto- pan/pant- pede/peda- peri- per- peri- pluri- plus- poly- post- pre- proto- semi- sin- sota- sub- super- supra- tele- tetra- trans- ultra- uni- vice-

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-algia -arqua/-ía -atra -bio -bio -cephalo/-ia -ciclo -cidio -cidio -cracia -crono -dermo -doxa -dromo -edro -estesio/a -fago/-fagia -filia -fobo/ia -fono -forme -foro -fugo/a -gamia -geno -gono -grafía/o -itis – latría -litos -litos -logía -mancia -manía -megalia/o -metro/ía -morfo -oide -oide -oma -ónimo -osis -patía/pata -pode/podo -poli -ptero -rragia -sclerosis -scopio -semia -teca -terapia -tomo/-ía -uria -voro -zoo

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Whenever you see these endings,-graphy,-graph,-graph,-gram, they refer to the recording of an image, such as X-ray, CT or MRI or a written record with pen and paper in motion. Mammography is the recording process, i.e., the machine and the procedure. Mammogram is the image itself, the x-ray.    A recording of heart activity is called an electrocardiogram using an electrocardiograph. A recording of brain activity is an electroencephalogram and the medical procedure and machine is called an electroencephalography (phew, what a tongue twister!).

To see a lung specialist, you would visit a pulmonologist.    To see a brain and nerve disease specialist, make an appointment with a neurologist.    If you have a serious eye infection, you might be referred to an ophthalmologist. Is your rheumatism altered?    You may want to find a doctor who specializes in rheumatology.

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What is a suffix registration?
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