What is a T7 exemption?

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deposited in accounts of the National Treasury or deposited in the agencies or offices referred to in Articles 451º and 453º of Law No. 15,903 of November 10, 1987 until December 31.

Article 40-T1 In order to be covered by the provisions of Articles 29 and 30 of this Title, the companies shall be up to date in the payment of their obligations – for taxes and employer and worker contributions – with the social security agencies (Banco de Previsión Social, etc.).

It is also empowered to suspend the validity of the annual certificates issued when the taxpayer fails to register its financial statements with the state control agency, as provided for in Article 97 bis of Law No. 16,060 of September 4, 1989. This rule shall be applicable for fiscal years closed as from the effective date of the present law.(*)

(*) The foregoing and, notwithstanding the provisions of subsection 2 of the following article, the acquirer shall only be released from his joint and several liability in the event that the certificate has been processed and obtained or the substitute deposit has been made. (*)

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When a taxpayer of the Tax on Income from Economic Activities (IRAE) participates in the equity of a non-resident entity, and the latter verifies the hypothesis of low taxation referred to in Article 7 bis of this Title, the capital yields and equity increases obtained by the non-resident entity shall be assigned as dividends or profits to such taxpayer for the sole purpose of determining the dividends or profits taxed by the Personal Income Tax. For such purposes, for the determination of the referred income, the provisions contained in Chapter II of this Title shall be applied, and the Executive Power is empowered to establish other mechanisms for the determination of the income to be assigned, when the same are not applicable. Likewise, when a resident individual participates in the equity of a non-resident entity, and the latter receives the dividends and profits distributed by a non-resident entity, it will be subject to the provisions contained in Chapter II of this Title.

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dividends and profits distributed by an IRAE taxpayer, such profits and dividends shall be allocated to individuals, provided that the non-resident entity verifies the hypothesis of low taxation established in Article 7 bis of this Title. (*)

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As of December 1, 2015, Aragonese pensioners will not have to make contributions to their outpatient pharmaceutical benefit that exceed the established monthly ceilings, as long as they use the electronic prescription system.

For paper prescriptions, the pharmacy will charge the corresponding contribution without limit and the amounts exceeding these maximums will be reimbursed by the Administration as they have been doing until now, both by the monthly or quarterly ex officio procedure and after a claim by the pensioner.

For this reason, users are advised to always keep the pharmacy ticket and paper copies of the prescriptions to check that the calculation is correct and to be able to claim in case it is not.

Royal Decree Law 7/2018, of July 27, on universal access to the National Health System, incorporates a letter e) to section 5 of article 102 of the rewritten text of the Law on guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2015, of July 24. Said letter e) states:

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With the priority objective of halting the advance of the spread of the virus, attending to certain social needs and supporting the productive fabric, minimizing the impact on economic activity, a new package of measures has been adopted which reinforces, complements and extends those previously approved, especially those aimed at self-employed workers and the self-employed, as well as those which allow local entities to have the necessary means to assist the immigrant population living in the shanty towns which remain stable over time in the municipalities of Almeria and Huelva.

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In Andalusia, about 45% of the self-employed workers, develop their activity in the field of these sectors and, therefore, have been forced to continue their activity in a situation of crisis, as well as health, social and economic, which drastically affects their income levels, but which, however, prevents them from being beneficiaries of the measures adopted by the Government of the Nation, such as the extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity of the aforementioned Article 17.

What is a T7 exemption?
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