What is provisional registration teaching?

What is provisional registration teaching?

Master system enter

This document contains the subjects that each student has taken and/or validated, grouped by semester and in chronological order. Each course shows the assigned credits and the grade obtained. In addition, it informs the Academic Load (enrolled courses) that the student has in the semester being consulted.

This document shows the student’s position in his or her career, compared to his or her entrance promotion. This takes into account their academic performance reflected in the cumulative weighted average-PPA.

Vacancy master system 2021

4. The Institute must guarantee and strengthen, through the promotion and establishment of adequate communication mechanisms, the right and responsibility of all members of the Institutional Community to freely express opinions and suggestions with no other limitations than respect and decorum.

Regular students of the Institute are those persons who have been admitted in accordance with the stipulations of its Admission Regulations, who follow courses leading to a degree, and who are duly enrolled.

Special students are those who, having been admitted in accordance with the Admission Regulations, take courses or obtain credits that do not lead to a degree.

Listener” students are those who wish to acquire knowledge in a certain discipline and who are not awarded degrees or certificates, but only a certificate of participation.

Students of the Institute may attend courses in which they are not enrolled, as long as they have the authorization of the professor in charge of the course. In these cases, no formal link will be established with the Institution.

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Consult the provisional routine

Meet the minimum academic training requirements, provided for regular classroom, in Resolution 15683 of 2016 added by Resolution No. 253 of 2019, issued by the Ministry of National Education and for projects according to the specific profiles required.

Minimum requirement: To accredit this requirement you must upload in the application the training degrees as Higher Normalist, Graduate or non-graduate professional, in accordance with those established in Resolution 15683 of 2016 or in the profile of the position.

It is important that you review the minimum requirements and the specific profile established for the vacancy to which you applied, since, if you are pre-selected by the application and it is determined that you do not meet the requirements to fill the vacancy, it will not be possible to link you and your application will be rejected.

Once you have applied for the vacancy of your interest, you will receive confirmation of your application by e-mail. Likewise, in your session you can view the status in which you are in the Teacher Selection Application option, where you will be shown one of the following: free, applied, selected or hired.

How to know my student run

While the national government promised that with the new statute 1278 the quality of education could be improved through a hiring system that had the possibility of “choosing the best educators”, as well as providing considerably higher salaries in relation to Decree 2277 and other professionals with similar tasks, the position of the unions and teachers’ organizations was the denunciation of an imposed statute, not agreed upon, that generated job instability and few real possibilities of promotion.

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“Socially, politically and legally, it is neither convenient nor pertinent for the same profession to have two decrees regulating it. It is common knowledge that this regulation [statute 1278] was imposed, that it was not consulted with the subjects of the policy, that it responds only to an economic rationale and that it is far from achieving the purposes of qualifying the educational system and encouraging the exercise of the profession”.

“(…) The definition of the plant of positions shall be based on the efficient distribution of the existing plants of teaching and teaching management positions in the respective certified territorial entity, and its expansion shall be subject to the substitution of the contracted enrollment, provided that it does not exceed the costs of such contracting (…)” Art. 2 Decree Law 882 of 2017

What is provisional registration teaching?
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