What is the deadline for 2020 2021 tax return?

Income Tax Return 2022

Calendar of the Income Tax ReturnApril 1st, 2020The period for requesting and confirming the draft tax return via Internet opens.May 5th, 2020The period for requesting an appointment for assistance to prepare the tax return and modification of drafts opens.May 13th, 2020The period for filing the tax return and modification of drafts in offices begins.May 13th, 2020The period for filing the tax return and modification of drafts begins.

Frequent questionsHow to obtain the draft?Who can obtain the draft?When do I receive the return?What must be revised in the draft?How to confirm the draft?Insurance that deduct?Who has obligation to declare?Can I request deferral of the payment in a declaration to pay?Documentation that must be taken to the appointmentWhat to do if a draft is presented wrong?The declaration, step by step

Income tax return 2021

According to the calendar of the Tax Agency, the deadline ends a little earlier, this Friday, June 25, for all those taxpayers who have marked the direct debit option in their returns.

These are a few days less than the rest of taxpayers, who have a deadline of Tuesday, June 30, to file the Income Tax Return, but enough to be able to make mistakes or get lost, so the best thing for these citizens is to get down to work at once if they are obliged to file the return.

Until when you can make the 2020 income tax return.

[People affected by an ERTE who receive less than 22,000 euros per year will be exempt from declaring the IRPF. If they have more than one payer, they will not be declared either if the amount received by the second and remaining payers does not exceed 1,500 euros.

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[The self-employed who have received the extraordinary benefit of self-employed due to cessation of activity will not have to include it as an additional income in the quarter in the model 130 fractioned payment of the IRPF as it is not considered an income from an economic activity. See the

When filing the 2022 income tax return

The slightest penalty occurs if it is the taxpayer who notifies the Tax Agency, since the latter understands that there has been no bad faith on his part, although it is necessary to differentiate the result of the declaration.

If it comes out as a refund or zero, the Treasury will pay the taxpayer what is due to him, although he will be fined 100 euros. The figure can be reduced to 75 euros if the taxpayer does not appeal and pays the amount within the voluntary period, which is five days from the notification.

There are only a few days left before the deadline for filing the 2020 income tax return and there are still many people with many doubts regarding its execution. Below we review step by step how to carry out this annual procedure for all taxpayers starting from the method (telematic, telephone or face-to-face), to the form of payment (fractioned, a single payment…). Read more

What is the deadline for 2020 2021 tax return?
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