What is the penalty for letting a property without a licence?

What is the penalty for letting a property without a licence?

Rents for rent

Last February the Inega, after carrying out inspections of real estate agencies, imposed a deadline of one month to comply with the regulation that requires reporting the energy rating, and warned that they would act by imposing sanctions. It is estimated that 50% of the properties for sale and rent do not comply with this obligation. Whose responsibility is it? Why so many ads that do not include the rating? Should we act more firmly? What happens in the rest of the autonomous communities? Participate with your comments and share in social networks.

Surely if you are looking for an apartment to rent or buy you will have noticed that “the rare” thing is that they DO inform you of the energy rating. In general it is conspicuous by its absence. The usual thing is that next to the energy rating section it says “in process”.

Recently the digital newspaper laregion.es published the following news: The Xunta will tighten the monitoring of homes without energy certification. The surveillance refers to the inspection and imposition of sanctions for not having the energy certificate of those properties that are advertised for sale or rent.

How to know if my landlord declares the rent

In addition, the legislation requires an energy certificate and a certificate of occupancy, which is the document that guarantees that the property meets the minimum requirements to be used for residential purposes.

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The energy certificate is a report of several pages where the results of a study are reflected in which the envelope of the house, its energy production systems, its strategic location and orientation, its lighting, etc. are observed.

The result of this report is the energy label, which gives a rating ranging from A to G, where A is the highest grade with respect to efficiency levels and G is the lowest. This energy label must be included in any advertisement or advertising of the property.

Renting or selling a property without having the corresponding energy certificate is typified as an infraction that can carry fines ranging from 300 to 6000 euros, depending on the severity.

Taxation of rental housing

It is the contract by virtue of which a person -landlord, owner, usufructuary- undertakes to give to another -tenant, tenant- the use and enjoyment of a dwelling for a specific period of time and in exchange for a specific price, the rent.

The rental price of these dwellings is lower than the market price after being included in rental exchange operations, subsidized rehabilitation actions or subsidized housing developments.

Possibility of repaying the loan -totally or partially- before the agreed time. It is necessary to know if the credit institution recognizes this possibility and under what conditions -if it establishes a minimum amount and the amount of the commissions-. In general, a percentage is usually charged on the amount amortized in advance, to compensate the financial loss that implies the alteration of the agreed amortization schedule.

Real estate agent. A qualified professional who acts as a mediator to help the interested parties sign the real estate contract that has been entrusted to him, whether it is a lease, sale and purchase or other related contracts. Usually charges a percentage of the sale price as consideration or commission.

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How much tax is payable on rental housing

First of all, it is very important to emphasize that both for the infractions committed by the owners and those committed by the certifying technicians, the one who will have to pay the sanction will be the owner of the property. That is why you should be wary of technicians who offer very cheap certified prices, because they may be doing a poorly qualified work and the sanctioned will be you. If this happens, you can later claim the amount of the sanctioned amount from the technician who issued the certificate, but of course, this is not a very desirable situation.

Below we will explain separately the actions that are the responsibility of the owner and those that are the responsibility of the certifying technician. Although, as we have said before, the fined will always be the owner.

What is the penalty for letting a property without a licence?
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