What is the RTTW event?

Inauguration of the XXXVII Festival of Art and Culture of #TecNM

World Fashion Week trade Expo (“WFW EXPO”) is a collection of international fashion shows by each country, WFW EXPO’s and country pavilions/cabins, dedicated to the promotion and global trade of high fashion and ready to wear both clothing and accessories. Entrance is reserved for professionals/consumers with accreditations or passes. In keeping with the purpose of the WFW EXPO, only clothing, jewelry, textiles and art products as well as various other accessories will be on display.

While the World Fashion Week and international partners are organizations dedicated to encourage the expansion of global fashion in the field of goods, services, capital and technology, to promote international fashion relations and the principle of free and fair trade between companies and nations.

These rules and obligations apply in full to all booking requests submitted by exhibitors for WFW EXPO. All booking requests imply acceptance of these international terms and conditions and rules. These terms and conditions and international rules shall prevail over any other terms and conditions or other documents issued by exhibitors. Any other terms and conditions issued by an exhibitor shall not be valid unless expressly accepted by the organizer and provided that they do not contradict these terms, conditions and international rules.

The Legend continues in Cantalejo 2018

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What is the rttw event? 2022

Claudia Ramos, General Director of the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry (CANAIVE), who said that initiatives like this are very beneficial for the development of the fashion industry in the country; and Mtro. Alfonso Miranda, Director of the Soumaya Museum, who stated that “to talk about fashion is to talk about culture” and that “nothing that covers the body is superfluous”, before concluding by highlighting the value of this Master’s program: “I congratulate you because what you are about to begin is unparalleled”.

Finally, the Rector of the University, Act. Abraham Cárdenas, highlighted the importance of fashion by relating it to beauty and quoting a quote from Dostoevsky in this regard, “the world cannot live without beauty”. Therefore, he said, “our students will be custodians of beauty”.

What is the rttw event? online

El seminario celebrado en Bruselas el 5 de octubre de 2017 forma parte de un proyecto más amplio de la UE y la OSHA sobre la rehabilitación y la reincorporación al trabajo después del cáncer. Se basó, por ejemplo, en una revisión bibliográfica sobre la rehabilitación y la reincorporación al trabajo después del cáncer. El seminario reunió a diversos actores del ámbito de la rehabilitación y la reincorporación al trabajo de toda Europa. El objetivo era debatir las conclusiones del proyecto e incluir los resultados del taller de la tarde en el informe final del proyecto que se publicará en 2018.

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What is the RTTW event?
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