What is the rugby system?

What is the rugby system?

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At the international level, rugby is regulated by World Rugby, a federation with 118 members (full and associate).[5] After participating in four editions of the Olympic Games in the early 20th century, rugby was reinstated as an Olympic sport at Rio 2016 in the form of the World Rugby Cup.

Tradition attributes the invention of rugby to William Webb Ellis, a theology student at Rugby College[9] and the trophy awarded to the winners of the Rugby World Cup is named after him. The fact is commemorated on a wall plaque at the Rugby public school.

In 2009 the IRB approved 10 substantial modifications to the rules, the Experimental Law Variations, known by their acronym ELV, which were implemented in all official tournaments around the world between August 1, 2008 and June 1, 2009.[10][11] In rugby, two teams face off against each other in the Rugby World Cup.

In rugby, two teams of fifteen players each play against each other (although there is a variation for a sevens game). The field of play is rectangular in shape and is made of grass (although it can be sand, dirt, snow or artificial turf). It measures a maximum of 95 meters long and 65 meters wide. Two areas are added to the field of play, the end zone (or in-goal), at each end, of no more than 22 meters each, destined to support the ball to obtain the try or test, the main score of the game.

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Rugby teams are made up of 15 players. The bib number worn by each player determines his position on the field. Players from 1 to 8 are called forwards and form the pack (players who go into the scrum). Players from 9 to 15 are called backs (three-quarter line).

2 Hooker: Spiritual leader of the team. He stands out for his intelligence and ability to synchronize with the melee (the one who introduces the ball). Like the piliers, their mission is to reach the groupings (mauls and rucks).

SECOND LINE: They are usually the tallest players in the teams. In addition, they are the ones who win the ball by jumping in the touche kicks (line-out). They also provide coverage both for the attack in groupings and tackling in defense.

THIRD LINE: They are the players who give stability to the formations. They have to be in continuous movement to support both the defense and the attack. Players with a good physical background who have to be attentive to every play. They participate both in the melees and in touches.

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Rugby 7s, rugby sevens, seven a side or simply sevens, is a variant of rugby in which seven players per team play, instead of Rugby Union’s own 15. This version of rugby is very popular with notable competitions such as the Olympic Games, Rugby 7’s World Cup and the World Rugby 7’s Series.

While a fifteen-a-side rugby match lasts 80 minutes, a rugby 7’s match lasts 14 minutes of actual playing time, in two halves with an interval between halves of no more than two minutes. This allows rugby tournaments to be held on a single day or weekend.

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However, the results are similar to those of the fifteen-a-side modality; given that the smaller number of players on the field causes marks to be made more regularly in rugby 7’s, as the defenders are further apart than in rugby union. There are also scrums, composed of only three players from each team.

There can be no draws at this stage. If a match ends in a draw at the end of the regulation period, extra time of 5 minutes is played, after a 2 minute rest period given by the Referee at the end of the regulation period.

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The Competition Committee of the Buenos Aires Rugby Union informed that it will change the Scoring and Bonus System for the next season in the youth divisions. In the case of Group II, the B team will award points for the combined A table.

On the one hand, the new system will award 4 points for each match won, two points for each tie and no points in case of defeat. On the other hand, there will be no offensive bonus, but only one point will be awarded if the team loses by 7 points or less.

In other words, a win by team B will give an extra unit to team A in the standings. So if teams A and B win their respective games, the club will get five points, and in the same way in all cases.

What is the rugby system?
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