What qualifies as self-employed?

What qualifies as self-employed?

Autonomous example

Promoting autonomous learning in students is an educational priority in educational institutions and higher educational level, as in the case of School Number Four dependent Autonomous University of Hidalgo State. Being a complex process cannot be addressed in a single trial all edges. But, it was considered that the preferred learning styles and learning strategies and teaching are related to it, for it deals with this occasion.

For the teacher, talking about students’ learning styles is an important topic, since identifying them provides a reference regarding the characteristics of the student body. Especially when the educational models of some institutions have the student as the center.

Knowing that there are various positions and models that address the issue of learning styles, the essay emphasizes that there are many ways of defining learning styles, but the approach given is based on the perspective of Alonso and Honey. It also explains how significant it would be for us as teachers to be able to relate them to the strategies we use to promote autonomous learning.


To define what an economically dependent self-employed worker is, we must focus on those people who are self-employed and at least 75% of their income is received through a single client.

The worker who exceeds this 75% of income from a single client or up to 100% of the same, can be considered a TRADE self-employed. That is to say, this figure is given when a freelancer has a preferential client with a close relationship that brings him/her practically the totality of his/her income.

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In order to be able to analyze how this commercial contract must be, it must be taken into account that it will be a contract for the provision of services where both participants will be businessmen or professionals. The TRADE has to issue an invoice model that will be different from the one prepared by a traditional self-employed.

The contribution must include not only the coverage for temporary disability, but also for occupational diseases and accidents at work of the Social Security, which must be contracted with a Mutual Insurance Company on a compulsory basis.


The Social Agreement in Defense of Employment (I ASDE), reached between the social agents and the Government on May 8, 2020, the day of the first centenary of the Ministry of Labor, which became Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, on social measures in defense of employment, expressed the objective of facilitating the transition from a situation of withdrawal and hibernation to a situation of gradual and gradual recovery differentiated by sectors, groups and geographical areas.

In relation to the measures of a labor nature, the proceedings based on Article 22 of Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, which have been requested before the entry into force and, at the latest, until September 30, 2020, are maintained.

These companies and entities must proceed to reincorporate the workers affected by temporary employment regulation measures, to the extent necessary for the development of their activity, giving priority to the adjustments in terms of reduction of working hours as established in Article 1.2 of Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, maintaining the same obligations as those provided in Royal Decree-Law 18/2020, of May 12, in relation to the express, total and definitive communications to the labor authority of the waiver of the measures of suspension or reduction of working hours.

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Self-employed worker

This figure appears with the purpose of allowing the employer company to avoid certain responsibilities with the Social Security, such as the payment of taxes for employing a salaried employee. These economic responsibilities now fall on the worker.

In the first instance, one of the most repeated cases is the imposition of a working day. A TRADE has the right to establish its working hours and working days as it wishes, as well as vacations. If this is not the case, it would be a false self-employment.

In any case, if the Labor Inspectorate were to detect this irregularity, it would initiate a procedure and urge the Social Security to register these workers as salaried employees.

What qualifies as self-employed?
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