What should be included in a registration form?

What should be included in a registration form?


SECOND. INFORMATION OBJECT OF CONCESSION OF USE. The information object of this contract will be delivered to THE USER via e-mail, in an Excel or PDF file, or in physical form, according to the request submitted to the Chamber.

THIRD. VALUE OF THE SERVICES. The value corresponding to the processes of extraction, analysis and transformation of the information whose right of use is granted will be the one quoted according to the interest of THE USER.

FOURTH. RIGHTS OVER THE INFORMATION. THE USER OF THE INFORMATION understands that with respect to the information provided by THE CHAMBER he/she only has the right of permanent, personal and non-transferable use. Therefore, the reproduction, communication, distribution, dissemination of the information provided is prohibited.

FIFTH. PROTECTION OF THE INFORMATION. The USER understands that the information provided for its permanent, personal and non-transferable use is subject to the personal data protection regime, reason why the use of the information object of this contract is restricted. The USER agrees to comply with the principles applicable to the treatment of personal information in force in Colombia, be it those set forth in the law and/or those developed by the Constitutional Jurisprudence.


(*)When the start of activities falls on the month following the current month, the registration may be made prior to the start of activities (up to 10 days), as from the 25th day of the current month.

The notarial certification will not be necessary if a complete original invoice, not older than 60 days, or a contract (if the first invoice has not yet been issued) exclusively from UTE, OSE or ANTEL, in the name of one of the holders and with the fiscal domicile declared. A photocopy of the invoice or contract must be attached. (**)

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Course Enrollment Form Template

A spreadsheet form is not the same as an Excel template. A template is a pre-formatted file that can help you create a spreadsheet that looks the way you want it to look. A form contains controls, such as boxes or drop-down lists, that can make it easier for people using the spreadsheet to specify or edit data. For more information about downloadable templates, see Excel templates.

There are several types of forms you can create in Excel: data forms, spreadsheets containing ActiveX and form controls, and VBA user forms. You can use each type of form separately or you can combine them in different ways to create a solution that is appropriate for your particular case.

A spreadsheet is a type of form that allows you to type and view data in the grid, and there are several control features already built into Excel spreadsheets, such as comments and data validation. Cells are similar to text boxes in that you can type and format them in various ways. Cells are often used as labels, and by adjusting cell height and width and merging cells, you can make a spreadsheet behave like a simple data entry form. Other control features, such as cell comments, hyperlinks, background images, data validation, conditional formatting, embedded graphics and Auto Filter can make a spreadsheet behave like an advanced form.

Registration form 2021

Legal entities that have not carried out lucrative or substantive activities during the fiscal period must file the Income Tax affidavit, by means of form D-101. For such purpose, they must include the information of assets, liabilities and capital stock, in which case the amount to be paid for the Education and Culture Stamp will be calculated based on the amount of the declared capital stock. Said declaration will be available in the digital platform Virtual Tax Administration (ATV).

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The taxpayer has the duty to deregister before the Tax Administration when its lucrative activities or operations cease, or when it ceases to carry out the generating event or the activities established by law. As long as the taxpayer remains registered, it must comply with all the formal and material duties applicable to it; therefore, as the tax periods are completed, the obligation to file the respective self-assessment returns is maintained, within the established term.

What should be included in a registration form?
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