What year is a 14 plate?

What year is a 14 plate?

Spanish license plates

The odometer or kilometer counter is located right in front of the driver’s view on the dashboard. You will be able to read two figures: in the upper part you will see the resettable kilometer count, while in the lower part you will find the accumulation of kilometers traveled.

This factor should be analyzed in harmony with other aspects, both aesthetic and mechanical, so you should consider this factor when you ask yourself what mileage it is advisable to buy a car with.

Carpets that have lost their texture, seats with expired elasticity, worn steering wheel and lever are visible indications of much use. In these cases, what you read on the mileage will be in stark contradiction to the inconsistency of what your eyes see in the condition of the vehicle.

When the odometer has been tried, the dashboard will be an effective spokesman. Incorrectly tightened or different screws from the factory and broken material where you see a car’s mileage will indicate fraud.

European license plates

The objective of the “Hoy No Circula” program is to establish measures applicable to the circulation of mobile sources or motor vehicles, with the purpose of preventing, minimizing and controlling the emission of pollutants from mobile sources circulating in Mexico City, regardless of the origin of the license plates or registration of the vehicle, by limiting their circulation.

The circulation of vehicles for private use, cargo, collective transportation of passengers and cabs, that carry the “EXEMPT” hologram or that have obtained in the vehicle verification process the “00” or “0” hologram, will be exempt from all the limitations established in the “Hoy No Circula” Program.

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In which letter do patents go in chile 2022

This section is made up of three digits. The first one identifies the nation of origin, if the vehicle contains several parts from other countries, the nation where it was assembled is considered. Some countries are divided into regions. For example, cars built in Japan are assigned a J, but vehicles manufactured in the USA may have a 1, 4 or 5 depending on the region of assembly.

The second and third digits identify the vehicle manufacturer, as well as a division, make or type of vehicle. The codes vary by country, but for example for a Ford unit considering the previous point it would be 1F, and depending on the vehicle it would be 1FA, 1FB, etc. Now if we were talking about a General Motors car it would be 1G, but if the unit is Chevrolet (it is a division or brand), then it would be 1GC.


It can be obtained voluntarily and free of charge, at the Citizen Attention Module of the General Directorate of Air Quality of the SEDEMA, located at Tlaxcoaque 8, Ground Floor, Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc from Monday to Friday, working days from 9:00 to 14:00 hours, or in the areas of citizen attention of vehicle verification of the authorized vehicle verification centers in Mexico City.

Exempt from the “Hoy No Circula” program and/or Environmental Contingencies to vehicles used by people with disabilities to transport or move from their homes to their work area or rehabilitation therapies.

The purpose of this procedure is to grant a permit so that they can transport people for medical attention or to attend emergencies; in the case of agencies, to circulate on days that are limited by the “Hoy No Circula” program and/or Environmental Contingencies due to some eventuality.

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The Tourist Pass grants a permit to vehicles from abroad or foreigners to Mexico City and the State of Mexico, with a validity of 3, 7 or 14 days, to promote tourism allowing circulation without any restriction, being exempted from the provisions of the Hoy No Circula program.

What year is a 14 plate?
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