When can I do my tax return 2022 canada?

Tax rate in Canada 2020

When you go on a Working Holiday Visa you usually have some savings, but you will probably still have to work to pay for accommodation, food… and travel! As in all countries, if you are on a Working Holiday Visa in Canada, you will have to pay taxes. Sometimes, the process can be laborious and incomprehensible, so follow our tutorial to become an “ace” of taxes! Read on to find out how tax refunds work in Canada.

When filing your taxes you will need to indicate whether or not you are a Canadian resident. This status is difficult to define and represents a real impact on the calculation of your taxes. If you have any questions, please contact the tax service.

Canada Tax Calculator

A zero-rated supply is taxed at a rate of 0% GST/HST across Canada. For example, basic food items are taxed at the rate of zero (0% GST / HST) in each province and territory.

If you know your place of supply and the type of supply, you can use the GST / HST calculator to calculate the amount of GST / HST to charge.  If provincial sales tax (PST) is charged at the place of supply, calculate the GST on the price without PST.

Tax filing and payment deadline for 2019 : the deadline for individuals to file has been extended to June 1, 2020 , and the deadline to pay amounts due has been extended to September 1, 2020 .  Note: some taxpayers may have received a Notice of Assessment stating that the deadline for payment is April 30, 2020 , which is incorrect.

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Taxation in Canada for foreigners

A new assumption is added, which will be reviewed by the tax authority before the generation of the opinion of compliance with tax obligations, regarding the taxpayers’ compliance with obtaining and keeping, as part of their accounting, and providing the Tax Administration Service (SAT), when required by such authority, the reliable, complete and updated information of their controlling beneficiaries.

Taxpayers whose CSD’s have been cancelled by the authority because they have not corrected the irregularities detected or have not disproved the causes that motivated the temporary restriction of the certificate, are on the definitive list of taxpayers that invoice non-existent operations, or on the list of taxpayers that unduly transferred tax losses, may not request a new certificate, except when they correct the irregularities detected, and totally correct their tax situation.

Taxpayers who are dissatisfied with the update of their economic activities and tax obligations by the tax authority may file a clarification case through the SAT’s website, attaching the supporting documentation they consider pertinent.

Tax refund in Canada

If you have many doubts about how to do them you can always hire the services of an accounting firm (for example: H&R Block) or look for volunteers to do them for you. Here you can look for volunteers:

In Canada the agency that administers the taxes and fees, and to whom you have to send your tax return is the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). In this link you will find all the information you will need to do it, and where I got this information from:

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You have to keep in mind, that if it is the first time you do them, you will have to send them in paper (by regular mail) to CRA; while if it is not the first time you can send them by email through NETFILE or with one of the accounting programs that I told you that they send them for you.

The process may vary depending on how you send it and your fees. If it is online it can be about 8 days, while if it is on paper it can be 8 weeks. Sometimes it is even longer.

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When can I do my tax return 2022 canada?
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