When must a Director Register for Self assessment?

When must a Director Register for Self assessment?

Teaching Performance Evaluation 2021

The evidence of the recorded class, which is part of module 2 of the portfolio -one of the different instruments that make up the Teaching Evaluation-, may be submitted between the months of March and May 2021.

On December 12, 2020, the application of the Evaluation of Specific and Pedagogical Knowledge began in those communes whose sanitary conditions allowed it. The teachers authorized to take it could check the date and venue in the web page of the Education Quality Agency, www.evaluacionconocimientos.cl.

Annex 5 examples

The UEx regulations do not indicate anything about percentages of failures in the subjects so, from a regulatory point of view, a subject could have a 100% of failures. However, it is advisable that the quality assurance systems of the centers establish some thresholds for academic results and measures to be taken when they are exceeded.

In addition, in the event that this happens, it is recommended that the course delegate, either directly or through the student representative, contact the degree quality committee to record the fact. The objective is not to reproach the professor, nor to obtain a modification of the students’ grades, but rather for the aforementioned committee to study the possible causes and, if it is not a specific situation, to adopt the appropriate measures to improve the performance and success rates of the subject.

On the other hand, credits can be recognized for other activities and, if they add up to at least 6 credits, it will not be necessary to take one of the elective subjects of the degree. If you want to know in detail which are the cases in which credits will be recognized for other activities, you can consult the regulations governing it in this link.

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Institutional Improvement Plan 2020

29.09.21. This September 29th, Law 21.373 came into force, which allows education professionals who wish to do so, to request the suspension of the evaluation systems corresponding to the Teaching Evaluation and the Recognition System of the Teaching Career, composed in turn by the Evaluation of Specific and Pedagogical Knowledge and the Portfolio of Pedagogical Competences, contemplated in article 19 K and 70 of the decree with force of law No. 1.

If you wish to complete your evaluation process and your establishment meets the criteria for the recorded class, you should contact your principal so that he or she can contact the Zonal Video Manager directly and reschedule the recording.

Please note that the recording period has been extended until the beginning of December, but each recording must be scheduled in advance. Therefore, if a teacher works in an establishment that does not meet the criteria for recording at this time, he/she should raise the issue directly with his/her supervisor.

Teaching Performance Evaluation 2020

It consists of 5 tasks distributed in 3 modules, most of which must be completed on the Docentemás platform. This instrument is an important input for your Teaching Evaluation and for the recognition of the Teaching Career.

Through this instance of professional dialogue between two teachers, the aim is to facilitate reflection with a peer on aspects of their pedagogical practice and the context of their work. This instrument is proposed as a space for professional development for both parties, before or during its implementation, and even outside the context of the Teacher Evaluation.

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Principals and Heads of UTP provide through this instrument their vision on different aspects of the work of their teachers in evaluation. By getting to know the day-to-day work carried out by teachers in their schools, they contribute their local and contextualized vision.

At the end of the annual process, three types of results reports are delivered, all aimed at improving the professional development of teachers, as well as the school management of the school and the commune.

When must a Director Register for Self assessment?
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