Where does ride London start?

Where does ride London start?

You can travel to london now

We start a new trip on the blog and the first post, could not be other than our travel arrangements to London, where we tell you everything you need to prepare your trip to the English capital.

As I told you in this post, the main reason for the trip to London was the marathon. But, since we were going, we decided that we should take the opportunity and stay a few more days to enjoy the city.

It was my third time in London. I must say that the first two times I loved it, but this third time I have enjoyed it like never before and I have discovered many places that I did not know, and that I will tell you about in the blog…

Anyway, I remind you again that you can check the Airbnb post, where I tell you all about this way of staying and how you can use it. And we also leave you our discount of 25 Euros for your first reservation.

We recommend buying tickets on the website because sometimes there are long lines to get tickets at the airport. On this page you can buy the tickets, both outbound and return and so you forget also the day you have to come back.

How to get to London

Nowadays, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) allows EU citizens traveling in the EU to access medical services that cannot wait until they return to their country of origin, but under the same conditions as citizens of the country of destination. This means that the traveler is not insured 100% free health care, as co-payments or restrictions may apply to certain treatments or services.

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London has withdrawn its participation in the Erasmus student exchange program.  Students choosing England as their Erasmus destination in the 2020/21 academic year will not notice Brexit. Despite the fact that part of their course will take place in 2021, although the transition period has already ended, they will be able to complete their scholarship as before, as they have started before the end of the transition period. However, for those who intend to apply for their Erasmus grant in 2021/22, this will change depending on the outcome of future negotiations.

Once the UK is a non-EU country, before traveling to the country you should check the policies for using your credit card abroad. Some cards are disabled for use outside the EU or may include restrictions and additional fees.

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Free tour of Notting Hill19. Hyde ParkThe largest park in central London and perhaps the most iconic is Hyde Park. On a sunny day during your 4 days in London, it is best to do as the Londoners do and grab a snack or a coffee and then sit on the grass of this park.Hyde Park is more than just a park, during its history it has been the scene of many important concerts and demonstrations. If you can visit the park on a Sunday, head to the northeast corner where the Speakers’ Corner is where people make speeches about politics and religion.20. Kensington Garden Next to Hyde Park is another beautiful green space, the Kensington Garden. Apart from being a quiet and picturesque park, in Kensington Garden you will find several points of interest to visit in London, such as Kensington Palace, the statue of Peter Pan or the Memorial to remember Princess Diana.

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Travel to london covid

They allow us to store user preference information to improve the quality of our services and to offer a better experience through recommended products. Some may be multi-device.

FeaturedMore LondonTravel and getaways to LondonDiscover London with Viajes El Corte Inglés: London, capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a large multiracial city composed of the City, which is the financial district, and 32 other districts. Located on the banks of the River Thames, its name comes from the human settlement that was called Londinium at the time of the Roman occupation.

London has an impressive wealth of history and monuments including churches, palaces, theaters, monuments, cathedrals and museums. London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower of London, Palace of Westminster are some of the major tourist attractions in the city of London.

Enjoy a two-night getaway to London: The weekend is the perfect time to enjoy the great cultural offer of the city, markets, exhibitions and concerts.  Enjoy the magnificent Camden Town neighborhood, famous for its market, a labyrinth of fashion stores and curiosities and its alternative atmosphere.

Where does ride London start?
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