Where is serial number on Smeg kettle?

Difference between INDUCTION, VITROCERAMIC and GAS

Planetary action -Direct drive motor. -Power 600 W. -10 speeds with soft start function-Safety lock when the mixing head is raised. Body material: die-cast aluminum. Zinc alloy, stainless steel, non-slip base. INCLUDES: -Stainless steel wire whisk. -Aluminum flat beater. -Aluminum dough hook. -Stainless steel bowl of 4,8 Lt. with ergonomic handle. -Splash guard. CAPACITY: Egg whites max. 12/3 min. Cake dough max. 2.8Kg/99 Oz. Bread/pizza dough max. 1.3Kg/ 46 Oz. Whipping cream max. 1L/ 32 Oz. Egg pasta dough max, 1 Kg.

The new professional fine foam steamer G2 is made of high quality materials and is a good example of excellent feel and appearance. Developed especially for the preparation of specialty coffees with milk and milk foam, it allows you to enjoy latte macchiato and other specialties with milk foam of the highest quality and convinces with its particularly intuitive control philosophy.

Reparacion de Cafetera – Control y cambio de fusible termico

La tetera eléctrica que permite ajustar la temperatura del agua al té o la infusión que se va a preparar. Rápida y precisa, tiene un ajuste de temperatura de 7 posiciones, entre 50 °C a 100 °C. Una forma rápida y sencilla de hacerse un té o una infusión o de hervir agua para cocinar.

Funciona con un control electrónico de temperatura de 7 posiciones, entre 50 °C a 100 °C. Más una función Keep warm, que permite mantener el agua a la temperatura seleccionada durante 20 minutos. Se apaga automáticamente cuando alcanza la temperatura seleccionada.

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Batidora-amasadora eléctrica de pie con acabados de máxima calidad, en aluminio y plástico. Para amasar, mezclar, batir, hacer nata, montar a punto de nieve y preparar repostería. Bol de acero inoxidable 4,8 litros. Potencia: 800 W. Dimensiones: 378x402x221 mm.

<p>Hervidor eléctrico <strong>de acero inoxidable pintado</strong>, con filtro antical extraíble y selector de temperatura. Capacidad: 1,7 litros (hasta 6 tazas). Potencia: 2.200-2.400 W. Dimensiones: 246x223x170 mm.</p>

Why is my refrigerator noisy?

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In the end, we can say that it consists of a compact appliance that is used to boil liquids, the usual one being water. It is very functional for brewing tea, coffee and infusions of all kinds, but it is also used for cooking.

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The cheap electric kettle is usually made of stainless steel and plastic compounds suitable for food. It has the simplest qualities of an electric kettle – getting the liquid to boil at the desired temperature – and an automatic shut-off program that prevents the water from boiling over. Almost all kettles of this type have a standard capacity of 1.5 liters, but the basic models can also be easily found in more compact and larger sizes and even in huge dimensions of 4 or 5 liters. The electrical resistance circuit prevents deposits from agglomerating in the main container and they usually have processes that prevent the transfer of toxic contaminants that are created when the liquid is heated from the tap. They usually have a space for wiring and parts that can be removed to simplify washing.

Where is serial number on Smeg kettle?
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