Who are the SSSC and what do they do?

Shared service what is it

The presentation took place at the Police Shooting Stand, in the Merced-Balbuena sector, where the head of the agency explained that “currently the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) has among its corporations the Metropolitan Police, which is composed of groups, of elements specialized in certain tasks and functions”.

The Metropolitan Police is made up of seven groups, which are: Task Force, an elite group of the Secretariat, which are trained for tactical and intervention operations, human rescue in complex situations and terrain and has the Anti-Explosives Unit and the canine unit among others, it is composed of 400 elements.

The Women’s Police, the Ateneas, is a group made up exclusively of female elements, they are trained for surveillance work, where due to the characteristics of the place or event it is convenient to cover with a female presence, with 337 elements.

Orta Martinez indicated that “the transformation of the grenadier corps, which is a highly trained and specialized corps, was focused on supporting the Proximity Strategy by Quadrants and institutional programs”.

Shared service center mexico

To continuously carry out and execute programs focused on the general prevention of crimes; to make effective the investigation and prosecution of these, as well as the application of administrative infractions. This function will be entrusted, within the scope of their respective competencies, to the Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, for the protection of its population, effectively observing in their actions the human rights recognized in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and in the international treaties to which the Mexican State is a party.

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What is ssc in healthcare

Shared Service Centers offer a multitude of highly specialized services under a single entity and satisfy the need for management in different European markets, under a more globalized point of view.

Cost reduction is their main advantage. From the costs of the physical space occupied by a company to the personnel costs, allowing to bet on a more specialized and qualified staff to improve the quality of service.

Cost reduction is its main advantage. From the physical space a company occupies to the personnel costs, allowing to bet on a more specialized and qualified staff to improve the quality of service.

Bringing the entire team together in the same facilities builds on organizational values, fosters teambuilding and improves the feeling of belonging. As we often say at PageGroup, teamwork is better.

Organizational chart of the ssc cdmx 2021

Through four SSC centers, from which the entire population of the municipality is informed of the existing social resources of the public service of social services, as well as the resources of other social protection systems.

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Who are the SSSC and what do they do?
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