Why does my Nokia say SIM card registration failed?

Why does my Nokia say SIM card registration failed?

Nokia sim card registration failure

We all know what Whatsapp is and what we use it for, undoubtedly one of the best applications on the market and that has revolutionized mobile telephony as we knew it until now. Thanks to this application, we have managed to stay in touch with all our family, friends… and also at zero cost.

A mistake that can happen when we first use this app, is that when we receive the Whatsapp verification code, it does not arrive and we can not activate the app, so we can not use its services. Obviously, there are solutions to this problem and we are going to provide you with this solution so that you can enjoy this messaging app.

With these 3 steps, we can solve the problem of not being able to receive the Whatsapp verification code. Something that as we have said, is unusual, but that can happen to us. But as we have seen, we should not throw our hands to our heads because the solution is very simple.

Failed registration claro colombia

Not necessarily, if you do it from a terminal with SIM, you will receive the sms sent by the person who wants to impersonate you but if it is done from the Android emulator, then that sms will never arrive and you will not know it. However, you will see that WhatsApp stops working on your phone.

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Whatsapp is simply a substitute for SMS… with the same security features… i.e. none. Therefore they have to be used as such and keep in mind that nothing critical of ours can depend on it.Good post Yago!

One question, in Lleida.net they give you a number of credits per test user and then you have to pay, the test user is created with an activation code that they send to your mobile to verify that you own the number and I guess so that no more test users are created with the same number … is there a way to register more test users with free credits without having to pay … Great article, great work as always.

I have not tested the procedure again, but it looks like they have solved it (from what you say and because yesterday WhatsApp was down all afternoon-night). About what you ask about LLeida, I guess there are places where they let you send some messages. However, what Lleida charges is quite little, you can open an account for very little money.

Why is registration failed on my movistar cell phone?

Continuing with the review of Chinese cell phones, clones of known brands and models, today we will deal with the Chinese clone of the Nokia E71, this clone is simply called E71, E71 Pro, E71 TV and is another rare hybrid between cheap cell phone and smartphone. I have to warn that it seems that there are several versions of this clone with notable differences, for example some have support for Java and others do not, some play AVI videos and others do not, to top it all off they are all the same, so there is no way to know which is which at first glance, so I will try to make this review as generic as possible.

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At first glance it looks pretty solid and fine finish, it does not look like it will fall apart at any time as it gives the impression for example the HiPhone, the model we have here is white but there is also in black color the edge of the cell phone is metallic, as is the cover or back panel that covers the battery, it is a compact phone that fits easily in the hand, rounded edges and quite elegant.

How to fix SIM card registration failure

If you enter the wrong PIN code three times, the SIM card is blocked until further notice. If you have forgotten the PIN code, let’s see what you can do to reuse the SIM card without having to order a new one.

The PUK code is an eight-digit code used to unlock a SIM after it has been blocked by entering the PIN code incorrectly more than three times. PUK stands for Personal Unlocking Key.

Therefore, if you have forgotten your mobile PIN code, you will need the PUK code. Although it may seem counterproductive, you should therefore type the wrong PIN code three times until the SIM is locked, at which point you can enter the PUK code.

As we have seen in the previous section, the PUK code is vital to be able to change the PIN code of a mobile if you do not know the previous PIN. There are two ways to know the PUK code: on the card / packaging that the SIM card came in, and with the help of your operator.’

Why does my Nokia say SIM card registration failed?
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