Why is my phone not reading my SIM card?

No samsung sim card inserted

Within the same we find another called restore factory settings. In the case of the slot, the problem in many cases may be in the contact or that there is dirt in it. If it is a connection problem, a very recurring trick is to use the tip of a pencil on the connections. Graphite is enormously useful for improving connections in this type of situation. If your Android phone does not detect the SIM card, there are a number of solutions to try to get it to work normally again.

If you are facing this problem, before which your mobile device does not recognize or detect the SIM card, do not worry because there is a solution. There is a whole series of possible measures that we will be able to take. So, we will have to go one by one, until we detect the error so that everything works normally again. One of the most common causes of why the mobile does not recognize the SIM card is the lack of cleaning.

If the fault is in the SIM card, we will have to ask our operator for a duplicate. If we have made this check and it still does not work, turn to other solutions. If this has happened to you, that your Android phone does not recognize or detect the SIM card, there are a number of solutions that we can try, so that it will detect it and everything works normally.

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My cell phone does not recognize the sim card claro

Clearing your Android’s cache to try to fix the no SIM card error is extremely simple. Go to “Settings -> Storage -> Internal storage -> Cached data. “When you tap cached data, a pop-up window will appear telling you that this will clear the cache of all apps on your device.Why is my Samsung not reading my SIM card? The SIM slot and connector sometimes accumulate dust on them, causing the device to not read the card properly. So you should investigate this as well. Clean the connector carefully to remove the dirt. … A broken pin can also cause the problem of a SIM card not being detected in an Android phone.

Why does my iPhone say I have no service? Service interruptions can be due to a simple setting change, such as airplane mode or carrier settings. In some cases, the iPhone needs to have its cellular settings updated through a software update from your cellular service provider. Less often, you need to reset or replace the phone’s SIM card.Why won’t my phone connect to the cellular networkTo do this, go to settings and tap “Wireless Networks” or “Connections.” From there, turn on Airplane mode and turn off your phone. Wait half a minute and then turn your cell phone back on. Go to the same settings section and turn off Airplane mode. After that, check if your mobile data is working again.How do I fix the lack of network connection?

Huawei does not recognize telcel sim

This is a problem that, even without knowing very well the reason, can affect us fully. The origin of this can be very diverse, as well as its solution.  So if your smartphone does not recognize the SIM card, you may find the solution here.

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What to do when the IMEI does not match?  First of all I want to explain why the IMEI may no longer match. If your smartphone is a Samsung, this is because the manufacturer, at some point and without really knowing why, changes the IMEI to a generic one that probably starts with “0049”. If that is your case, we can try two things: 1. Flash a new firmware Quite simple. We just have to flash a stock Samsung firmware. We will find them in SamMobile, in the firmware section, where we enter our model and select one from the list. Once downloaded, we will need the Odin program to flash it.  Below I explain the general procedure, valid for any firmware and Samsung device. Before starting it is always advisable to make a backup.

My cell phone does not recognize the second sim

As the first thing we want to know is the source of the problem, there are a couple of things we can do. On the one hand, we can insert a different SIM card into the phone, to see if it works or not. If it works, the problem lies in our card, but in case it does not work, it could be something in the phone.We can also insert our SIM card in another phone, to check the same thing, whether it works or not in another phone and thus be able to determine the origin of this problem that is currently affecting us. Once we have done these checks, we will know if it is a failure of the card or the phone.

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A problem that can occur, such as when 4G does not work, is that we have chosen the wrong network. If you are using a network type that is not the right one, it could be that your Android phone is not recognizing the SIM, which is exactly what is causing the problem. Checking this and if necessary, switching networks, would be a possible solution that would put an end to this annoying situation. It can be done in the following way:

Why is my phone not reading my SIM card?
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