Can an exhaust fan be installed over a shower?

Can an exhaust fan be installed over a shower?

Ductless odor extractor for bathrooms

-The minimum requirement to meet basic sanitation conditions is to have a certain air flow; however, today there are new technologies that maximize comfort and safety. Thanks to innovations, the natural sound of exhaust fans has been suppressed and anti-return technology has been implemented.

-As if that were not enough, the new technologies make it possible to reduce energy consumption, since it is possible to operate with a power of 17 watts. This translates into high efficiency fans, which reduce electricity consumption during air extraction and whose noise emission is minimal.

There are models with a very low noise and vibration level so as not to affect comfort conditions. It is advisable to install silent extractors to maximize comfort. The current trend is that older, noisier and more energy-consuming motors are being replaced by modern high-efficiency, quieter motors with intelligent electronics to adapt them to optimum consumption.

Where to put an exhaust fan in the bathroom

Axial. These models are suitable for small duct installations. As a rule, they are installed on the ceiling. However, it is necessary to take into account their bearings. If they are with bearings, they can be placed on both sides, while if they are sliding their durability may be reduced if they are installed horizontally.

Centrifugal. They are suitable for installations where the exhaust ducts have long distances to the outlet. For this reason, they are also more powerful. Perfect for centralized mechanical extraction systems.

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In case of connection to a community duct or in places with wind that can introduce air into the sanitary chamber, a non-return damper can be placed to ensure its perfect operation.

Many people are reluctant to install an extractor fan due to lack of knowledge of its use or maintenance. For this reason, Plastisan offers several models of spring grilles to facilitate their removal for cleaning and subsequent installation. In addition, some of these grilles also have a removable screen, perfect to ensure cleanliness.

How to connect the wires of an exhaust fan

Mix ¼ cup of warm water with ¾ cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda in a bottle and shake to mix the ingredients. Once ready, pour the contents over the mildew stains in the shower and leave it on for about 30 minutes.

Dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Apply this solution with a spray bottle or brush to the affected surface. Use vinegar. Vinegar is a natural acid that can kill mold fungus quickly and environmentally friendly.

You should know what type of ventilation is in your kitchen depending on whether it is vented to the outside or not. The suction hood sucks in smoke, odors and gases and sends them to the outside through a tube (the more direct the route of the tube to the outside, the more effective the exhaust fan is).

The simplest and most common method to calculate the power of the extractor hood is to multiply the square meters of the kitchen by its height and the result by 12. The most common models usually have a capacity of about 500 m³/h as a minimum.

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Bathroom without architectural ventilation

My question is whether installing an exhaust fan over the shunt grille affects in any way the natural ventilation of the duct (damaging or not to the neighbors on the upper or lower floor).

as jose luis says, first make sure that the grille has an exit to the outside, if it has no exit you do not solve anything, in some places you put grille and only passes to the false ceiling, when you want to connect an extractor you realize that it has nowhere to connect, it is easy to look, remove the grille and see if it has an exit somewhere and if you have some air flow, with the smoke from a cigarette you will realize it right away.

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Can an exhaust fan be installed over a shower?
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