Can I build a patio without planning permission?

Can I build a patio without planning permission?

When to ask for a building permit

As long as you respect all of the following, you can carry out the following modifications and details to improve your home, take note!

Start working on your weekends off and start planting grass in your driveway. You don’t need to do much to transform the exterior of your property, just turn the soil a bit, throw some grass seed on it and wait for it to grow.

As long as you don’t have to demolish walls or build load-bearing walls or decks, you can carry out interior renovations that involve raising false walls, changing furniture and space distribution.  Don’t wonder how much it costs to build a room, just keep in mind these tips

You can modernize the facade by maintaining the ironwork, floors and doors, give a new coat of paint to walls, moldings and cornices, renovate the patio with new flooring, some planters or repaint the walls, as long as you do not build or demolish structures.

Fine for changing windows without a permit

However, we are usually not sure when we need permits or licenses to carry out works in our home. In this article we explain which types of works do not require a license.

By notifying the Town Hall and obtaining the license, it is possible to carry out necessary modifications to the home avoiding noise or debris complaints. In addition, with these permits, there is a record before the Community of Owners of the works to be carried out, as well as their duration to avoid inconveniences with the neighbors.

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They affect the structure and the interior distribution of the house. It is necessary to go to the nearest Town Hall to deliver the necessary documentation and to settle the corresponding works tax.

It includes the most complex process of all the previous ones. The works will not be able to begin until the City Council grants the corresponding license. It requires the delivery of plans, description of the works and the payment of the corresponding fees.

There are some reforms that can be carried out without requesting licenses, which would save us the expense that supposes the payment of the cost of the rates that this would generate. We must also be clear, that each city council establishes which renovations must be notified or not.

How many meters can I build without a permit

Simple, visit the help page of the city council of Madrid, fill in the fields and follow the indications (address of the building and type of work to be done). At the end it tells you the type of license you need. Madrid City Council.

The city council does not usually ask for a license when painting, replacing floors, tiling, or replacing plumbing, electricity or heating installations, as long as the building is not listed.

The works that require the intervention of a technician for their execution are large-scale works such as the construction of houses, rehabilitation of protected buildings, changes in the structure of a building (pillars, beams, load-bearing walls, etc.).

1- The Urban Development Tax that is paid when applying for the license. It is the cost of the municipal technicians who process the dossier. The rates are around 200 € onwards, depending on the meters that we are going to modify.

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Yes, any construction or extension project requires a project drawn up by a technician and a request for a license from the corresponding town hall. Regardless of the size of the extension.

How much is the permit to build a second floor?

Horizontal property law and interior courtyard: Obligations and rights of the neighborsHome / Horizontal property law / Horizontal property law and interior courtyard: Obligations and rights of the neighbors

Courtyards for private use are those that are for private use, since access to them can only be made through the home of one of the owners. Although it continues being considered as a space that belongs to all the neighbors of the building, in the same way that it happens with the entrance portal or with the elevator.

Normally, the patios of privative use are located in first floors and their use and enjoyment corresponds to the owners of the house in question. But in the same way that you have the privilege to enjoy it, you are also obliged not to harm the community. The rest of the owners cannot deny its use, but if they need to access it to carry out improvement or repair works that directly affect the maintenance of the block, the owner must allow the access.

Can I build a patio without planning permission?
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