Can someone live in a caravan on my property?

Can someone live in a caravan on my property?

Living in a motorhome in spain

I have a motorhome parked on my private property, not visible from the outside. I have found out that a bad neighbor is going to denounce me to the environment and that I will be fined, besides forcing me to remove it. I am in Asturias, is there any rule that I can use in my defense? Should I do something, like covering it with a cover, ask for a permit?

They can not tell you anything because according to the law your caravan is a movable asset that means that if someday they come to tell you something that I doubt it, you just have to move it a centimeter and that’s it.I tell you because I have a rustic land and I have mine there.

Do not advance events, wait for the neighbor to denounce and you get some notification, most of those who say I’m going to denounce you do it lip service, even so go preparing your allegations and defense. Good luck and give the neighbor in the nose.

I do not understand certain people, what more does it give him if you have the caravan on your property, if you had a bicycle on your property he would also denounce you: more than custom facts, let him worry about his henhouse, best regards.

I can put a caravan on my land

You are here: Home1 / ▷Can I build a house on rural or non-developable landCan I build a house on rural or non-developable landIn this entry we will try to answer if it is possible to build a house (traditional, prefabricated, modular, etc) on rural, non-developable land, as well as the different alternatives that can be had on this type of land.

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The objectives of establishing a land as rural or undevelopable are precisely the preservation of its nature, so we cannot build anything on this type of land that is not related to the development of a permitted activity and with the corresponding license (agricultural activities, mining, etc.).

In all the following cases, it must be taken into account that it depends on the applicable local and regional regulations, as well as the degree of protection of the land in question. It is not the same to want to build on a plot of land in the countryside than in the middle of a protected natural park.

As you can imagine, it is difficult to make such a small shelter habitable or to have a plot of land of so many square meters to be able to build a house with all the permits in order.

Living in a motor home in spain

An integral motorhome is so called precisely because the cockpit part and the living section are integrated; that is, they are mounted on the same chassis. Therefore, they catch the eye with just a quick glance due to the harmony they exude.

On the other hand, their interiors with equipment, accessories and quality material imply something you must already be dreading: the price. They are also among the most expensive motorhomes, so you should think carefully before buying them. Even second-hand motorhomes can be out of your budget. A good option is to rent them or to know someone who has one to borrow.

Now that you know the basics of an integral motorhome, maybe you will decide to weigh up whether it is really worth buying one. To give you a hand, here’s an overview of its main advantages.

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If you have never traveled in a motorhome before (regardless of the type), you may have the experience somewhat idealized. A motorized house is not the same as a classic house, so there will be some discomfort, you will miss certain things… This does not happen with the integral ones because they usually have more extras than other models. For example, the refrigerators are bigger, the furniture can be upholstered, the sofas or seats offer a great comfort?

Living in a campervan in barcelona

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Can someone live in a caravan on my property?
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