Can you get a building warrant without planning permission?

Can you get a building warrant without planning permission?

Penalties for building without a license in medellín.

Construction LicenseIn accordance with the provisions of Article of National Decree 1077 of 2015, modified by Article 4 of National Decree 1203 of 2017, is the prior authorization to develop buildings, circulation areas and communal areas in one or several properties, in accordance with the provisions of the Land Management Plan, the instruments that develop and complement it, the Special Plans for Management and Protection of Properties of Cultural Interest, and other regulations that regulate the matter. The construction licenses will specifically specify the uses, buildability, volume, accessibility and other technical aspects approved for the respective building.

RestorationAuthorization to carry out works aimed at recovering and adapting a building or part of it, in order to conserve and reveal its aesthetic, historical and symbolic values. It is based on respect for its integrity and authenticity. This type of license will include the release or partial demolition of aggregates of cultural interest properties approved by the competent authority in the preliminary projects that authorize their intervention.

Fine for building without a construction license in colombia 2021

Unless there is an imminent danger to the safety of persons or property, before sealing an unlicensed activity or construction work, an administrative procedure must be carried out which, among other steps, includes the verification of the complaint by the municipal services, the requirement and the prior hearing of the denounced owner.

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In case of wanting to request a license on the area subject to prescription we must attach both the concession of the prescribed urban infraction and the copy of the inscription in the registry to the documentation that we are required when requesting the license.

Fine for building without a construction license in colombia 2020

Pertuz says that although she made a “mistake” by starting work without the respective permits, this was corrected once she was warned by the authorities. “I had to pay a fine and my experience is that I must first find out what is required”.

For situations like the one that occurred with Pertuz, the Urban Control Department receives an average of 6 complaints per day and 180 per month, from neighbors who denounce those who are building or remodeling without the proper license, which is nothing more than a permit granted by the Urban Curator’s Office to build or renovate a property.

Iván Cabrera, head of the Urban Control office, explains that any construction must have a permit, a resolution issued by the curadurías in order to start the construction process. The function of his office is to control, regulate and monitor that the construction corresponds to what is approved by the resolution issued by the respective Curaduría.

Cabrera explains that there are different types of licenses: urbanization, demolition, construction (new construction, expansion, remodeling, modification, restoration, structural reinforcement and enclosure).

Building without a police code license

These procedures can be directed against the owners of the property, promoters, builders, urbanizers, and any other persons with decision-making powers over the execution or development of the acts, as well as the qualified technical directors of the same, and the drafters of projects, all of them indistinctly.

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If you find yourself in this situation, we advise you to keep all documentation that can prove the date of completion of the work, and that if the City Council notifies you of the existence of either of these two procedures, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

The imposition of a penalty or demolition order is not immediate. It requires a procedure in which there are formalities of allegations, which you must evacuate, alleging and providing the necessary documentation to defend your interests. Also, sometimes, the Administrations incur in certain defects of form, which can entail the nullity of the procedure, being able to leave without effect the imposed sanction and/or demolition order.

Can you get a building warrant without planning permission?
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