Can you live in a log cabin all year round?

Can you live in a log cabin all year round?

Wooden cabins benefits

The CEO of the consulting firm Colliers has participated together with Sandra Daza, director of Gesvalt, in an event organized by IE in the recently opened IE Tower. During the meeting, Echavarren was critical of the new Housing Law, although he warned that the market “is already working on the assumption that it will not be applied”. For his part, Daza explained that if it is finally applied, the main consequence will be a decrease in the supply of housing in the rental market. Read more

Price of a cabin

The house is located on the second floor of a condominium, with the advantage of having a huge front garden to enjoy and plan a terrace or future expansion. The two-story house perfectly blends brown with cream, giving a retro feel to the facade of the house.  Among the details that stand out is the gable roof, which leaves a longer slope, and allows to incorporate inside a fireplace that will surely be in the living room of the house. Another charming detail is the balconies and terrace on the second floor, which are made of horizontal wood and seem to envelop the house and mark its limits.

From this point you can appreciate the total extension of the house, no less than 237 m2. In the corner you can see some of the garden it has, which gracefully mixes rockeries with plants. A smart decision when you do not have much time to devote to this part of the house.

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At the top of the roof we can see that two skylights have been installed, an ideal solution for attics and the entry of natural light into the interior of the house.  We invite you to review: 7 Easy steps to install a skylight on the roof.

Vacation in a cabin

1. Wood is an excellent thermal insulator, it allows you to keep the environment of your new home in a cool state in summer and a warm temperature during the winter. Above all, it protects the rooms inside the wooden houses when there are sudden changes in temperature.

2. An interesting feature of buying a house built in wood is that it minimizes heating and air conditioning costs, thanks to the fact that wood works as an insulator and also, due to its intrinsic characteristics, limits heat conduction.

4. Wooden houses are homes that have intrinsic natural benefits for those who live in them. They work as air purifier, humidity regulator, and also favors the senses of sight, touch and smell; in turn, allows to prevent and combat respiratory diseases, arthritis and maintains low levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

5. This type of single-family homes conserve heat very well and radiate it evenly throughout the house, allowing an optimal thermal stability to be generated inside the home.

Wooden cabins

The time of duration of the wood is related to the resistance that it has to the fungi that can rot it, known as xylophages. These are the cause of the deterioration that the wood suffers and the putrefaction that sometimes appears.

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The fungi that appear in wood have a moisture content greater than 20%. For this reason, it should not only be treated in the appropriate way, but it should also be ensured that it has a minimum exposure to moisture. One of the measures recommended, for example, is that the wooden pillars that are placed on porches and exteriors should not be in direct contact with the ground. It is also recommended that the heads of beams in walls, where there is a possibility of humidity, should have a good exposure to the air.

Can you live in a log cabin all year round?
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