Can you send chocolate to Colombia?

Can you send chocolate to Colombia?

Liquor can be shipped by servientrega

The various companies dedicated to courier shipments generally agree on receiving the following items for domestic and mainly international shipments, although they may be allowed if a customer service representative is contacted, to clearly define the shipment and be able to justify it to customs:

Each country receiving shipments has its own lists of prohibited items. It is the shipper’s responsibility to find out about the laws of that country and the products that cannot be shipped. The courier companies can help you with this information. In general, some of the following items are prohibited in many countries, both for import and export from Colombia:

Liquor can be shipped by interrapidisimo

Chocolate increases the production of endorphins =) which means it brings us HAPPINESS. Many women crave chocolate frequently, especially when they suffer from premenstrual syndrome or when they are bored or very tense. Some experts believe that, like many other sweet, carbohydrate-rich foods, chocolate can have a calming effect; others believe that the caffeine and other substances in chocolate can act as a stimulant. Whatever the case, the mere pleasure of savoring this sweet treat is often enough to make you feel happy.

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The buoyant ecosystem that has developed home delivery apps in Colombia has allowed many startups to thrive in various fields and levels of eCommerce, including these applications that offer solutions to facilitate the acquisition of various items and services, from food, markets or pharmacies have been on the rise.

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In addition to making it easier for users to purchase these products without having to move from the place where they are, they also make it easier for SMEs and companies that do not have a shipping system to send any item to their consumers without having to invest in couriers or cumbersome and sometimes expensive processes to meet that need.

Home delivery applications have been a powerful relief for the Colombian economy; thanks to them many businesses have been able to stay open and survive the crisis, preparing for the new normal, in which home deliveries will continue to be an important factor to open the economy.

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The “International Chocolate Awards” is pleased to announce its first competition to support the Colombian Cocoa Producing Country, the National Colombian Origin Chocolate Competition”.    This first edition will take place within the framework of the IX Colombian Cocoa and Chocolate Fair to be held from November 25th to 28th in Arauquita, Arauca. Sponsored by the International Chocolate Awards, the contest is organized by the Araucanian Cocoa Growers Guild with the support of the Government of Arauca Department, the Arauquita City Hall, the National Federation of Cocoa Growers FEDECACAO and the cooperatives Coomprocar and Coopcacao,

This 1st National Colombian Chocolate Competition will use the online evaluation system developed by the IICCT and used in all International Chocolate Awards competitions. Samples will be evaluated remotely due to pandemic restrictions. The panel of Colombian and international judges will be sent evaluation packages composed of samples received and processed at the FEDECACAO offices in Bogota, using our online evaluation protocol.

Can you send chocolate to Colombia?
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