Can you use live bait in Illinois?

Can you use live bait in Illinois?

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Find the best places to fish including piers and surf fishing. Learn more about saltwater fishing. The saltwater fishing gear you need, practical fishing tips and more.

When looking for the best place to fish along the pier, consider giving the areas below a try. You can try a little trial and error if you can’t see underwater due to high tide, or ask another angler nearby.

Most piers are located near breakwaters or bulkheads to help keep the ocean from eroding the shorelines, and for anglers these types of structures generally mean a good place to fish from a pier because there are plenty of hiding places for bait and fish.

When fishing from the beach you have the ease of walking along the beach, and even getting into the water to get to areas where minnows can be found and where the bigger fish are feeding. Look for the following areas:

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Frustrated when it comes to fall fishing for the type of fish ? Fishing for fall river bream can actually be frustrating most of the time because they are often scattered and hard to find.

Crappie anglers will focus on lakes and reservoirs and crappie will usually hang out in or very close to the thermocline. Fishing in shallow water can be good during cold periods, but the fish type rarely comes out to the “dead zone” below the thermocline. Find the interesting places in the water that the thermocline produces and you’ll find the right kind of fish.

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2. use of standing timber – When the water begins to clear, crappie like to hang out in the standing timber. In this condition, the crappie can move shallow or deep as the water and weather conditions require. During cloudy or windy days when light does not pass very far through the water, the type fish may be within a couple of feet of the surface. On sunny days, you may find them just below the bottom. You just need to adjust your strategies accordingly.


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The research began in late September as Carson watched videos about the fishery and read information from various online sources provided to him by the local nature conservation department and various fishery experts. In preparation for the project, I set up a workshop area in the garage where things related to the project could be displayed, including a picture frame. Carson and I agreed that all project notes would be kept in his personal notebook so that he could have access to project materials at any time (see Figure 1).

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To answer Carson’s questions, we decided that we would have to test various types of tools and seek advice from experts such as our neighbor, Carson’s grandfather, and employees at the local Field and Stream store.

To support Carson’s interest and ability to research the subject, I provided him with a new tool box, devices for setting line and tying baits, tools to remove a fish if it was stuck on the hook, and baits to attract the types of fish found in our lake. I helped Carson find demonstration videos online and also gave him The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden, which covers a section on fishing.

Can you use live bait in Illinois?
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