Can you wear Nike boots in the Army?

Can you wear Nike boots in the Army?


The new Adapt BB are more than just a curiosity inspired by a movie. For Nike it could be the new revolution in footwear, since they are not only based on a curious functionality, but we are really in front of an intelligent sneaker that connects to our cell phone.

To begin with, “they tie themselves” cannot be taken literally. It would be more accurate to say that they adapt to our foot. FitAdapt technology is able to modify the shape of the shoe, and not only depending on your foot. For example, you may have noticed that your shoes feel too tight after a workout; that’s because your feet have swollen.

FitAdapt is able to tighten or loosen the shoe depending on how our foot feels; whether we want to tighten the shoe or loosen it a little. To do this, we just have to use the built-in buttons, or an app for our cell phone. This app is the key to unlock all the possibilities of the Adapt BB, and the one that allows us to change the shoe to the best fit. We can even make the shoe change throughout a match, depending on our experience.


And it is that, who more and who less, has taken off a shoe pushing with the other leg. It is not ideal, because we are forcing the material and we will leave the laces tight; but there are times when we just want to take off our shoes and free our feet.

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To remove the Go FlyEase, all we have to do is press on the back of the shoe with the toe of the other foot; the arch that joins the front and back of the shoe will open, allowing us to remove the foot.

The shoe will form an arch, and to put it on we only have to put our foot in and push: the arch will close and the heel will tighten; the result is similar to tightening the laces, at least on paper.

How to choose the right footwear for your feet

Although she has not had any bad experiences, Private Ortiz tries not to wear military dress on the street for safety reasons and as a precaution: “There are bad people too”. As for her off-base routine, she explains that a military man is always a military man, an attitude that perhaps distances her from that of other people her age, as she herself explains. “You can’t act crazy out there because you represent an institution. A civilian person can do whatever they want. I like to enjoy myself like anyone else, but we have certain values that we have to represent.”

Military boots in clothing

The side zipper is very practical and allows quick closing and opening without the need to lace up the boots. The padding of these military boots increases both the safety properties and their comfort, that you can even wear them for hiking.

Adidas GSG-9.7 tactical boots look and feel very comfortable. They are a glove for your feet. They are made of leather with fabric lining and a rubber sole that makes them lightweight and adaptable to the foot.

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The sole has fantastic grip, exceptional cushioning and very good abrasion resistance. In short, you get the impression of wearing a pair of sneakers and their weight only reinforces this impression because they are actually very light.

There’s also the fact that they have the backing of the brand. One of the most well-known sneaker brands worldwide, Adidas, makes these boots, and something must bring some of that in their DNA. They are impressively soft and comfortable.

You already have at your disposal the five best models of tactical boots that we find on the market today. Now we will give you some tips and advice that you should take into account to select the best model for you.

Can you wear Nike boots in the Army?
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