Do window fitters fit lintels?

Do window fitters fit lintels?

Joist as lintel

It is the upper element that allows to create openings in the walls to form doors, windows or porches. By extension, the type of architecture, or construction that uses lintels to cover spaces in buildings is called lintel architecture or lintel construction. That which uses arches or vaults is called vaulted architecture.

The best examples of linteled architecture in stone are the monumental buildings of Ancient Egypt, classical Greece and in many examples of classical Rome.[2] It is considered a static element in architecture as opposed to the vaulting, which is considered dynamic.[2] Advances in building materials have facilitated the use of lintels.

Advances in construction materials have however facilitated the use of lintels. Reinforced concrete corrects the problem with steel reinforcement at the bottom that absorbs tensile stresses. Hence, with this material, lintel structures (of beams and columns) are now common, without any of the problems previously encountered with this type of structure, with much larger clear spans.

Wooden lintels

A lintel is a type of structural element that covers a span between two extreme supports. Usually, its use is a horizontal upper component that allows to work parallel to the walls leaving spaces or openings that will serve to form doors and / or windows.below is a construction course which summarizes the different types of lintels and the materials used in them. So if you want to learn do not hesitate to follow this quick course to the end. As you already know we will be talking about the different types of lintels and their forms of use. Here we leave you with the detail:

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Wood lintels can be made of 2 beams or 3 beams, depending on the width of the span: the wider the span, the greater the reinforcement. It must be taken into account that the beams must be arranged parallel to the walls.

In this case, the use of hollow bricks is essential, as they facilitate the passage of the iron reinforcement and guarantee correct adherence and bonding with the concrete mixture to be placed later.

Reinforced lintel

The lintel is found in most buildings. It is intended to support the construction when opening a load-bearing wall. Initially, the lintel was just a wooden beam that was placed horizontally between two vertical uprights to ensure the stability of the whole. It was present especially at the top of doors and windows and when a chimney was created. You may also be interested in:

Thanks to the development of construction techniques, openings have grown considerably. Therefore, it was necessary to find a more rigid and resistant material than wood to make the necessary lintels. This is how steel or concrete lintels appeared. Their realization uses different techniques such as the prefabricated pre-lintel or the chaining block. You will discover what a lintel really is, what it is used for, its characteristics and the different types of lintels that exist.

In any house, under certain conditions, it is possible to open a wall by consolidating it with a lintel according to the configuration of the house. You have the option to buy a prefabricated lintel or to do it yourself, provided you use the right materials.

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Jambs and lintel

Proper installation of windows is essential to ensure airtightness and insulation between windows and masonry. A good installation helps reduce energy demand and increases indoor comfort by eliminating unwanted infiltrations and minimizing thermal bridges.

In the installation without pre-frame, after squaring and leveling the window in the opening, it is attached directly to the wall with clamps and screws, and the joints are sealed with the appropriate materials.

It considers the installation from all points of view, both in terms of architecture and performance, and provides precise solutions and reference concepts for dealing with special cases, in which project managers and installers can find the basic indications for their work.

It focuses mainly on the type of subframe, on the materials used for installation and on the methodologies for executing the connection nodes (subframe-wall and window-preframe connections).

Do window fitters fit lintels?
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