Do you need planning permission for a new kitchen?

Do you need planning permission for a new kitchen?

Permits to change a roof

Simple, visit the help page of the city council of Madrid, fill in the fields and follow the indications (address of the building and type of work to be done). At the end it tells you the type of license you need. Madrid City Council.

The city council does not usually ask for a license when painting, replacing floors, tiling, or replacing plumbing, electricity or heating installations, as long as the building is not listed.

The works that require the intervention of a technician for their execution are large-scale works such as the construction of houses, rehabilitation of protected buildings, changes in the structure of a building (pillars, beams, load-bearing walls, etc.).

1- The Urban Development Tax that is paid when applying for the license. It is the cost of the municipal technicians who process the dossier. The rates are around 200 € onwards, depending on the meters that we are going to modify.

Yes, any construction or extension project requires a project drawn up by a technician and a request for a license from the corresponding town hall. Regardless of the size of the extension.

Works that do not require a building permit

Before renovating a property it is essential to know what type of building permit you need to avoid fines and inspections from the town hall, and to be able to speed up the process of refurbishing your apartment as soon as possible.

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We all know that finding an apartment that we like enough to buy is very difficult. It is a process that can take months, even with the new technologies that help us to sell or buy an apartment online, finding our new home is not so easy.

That is why most of the time we end up buying a suitable apartment for us because of its characteristics, its location, or its price; but it does not fit 100% with what we are looking for or what we need in a house.

As we commented above the works in an apartment are susceptible to different types of permission, but as it seems that the administration wants to make our life difficult to know what type of license we need at all times we will try to shed light on this issue from here.

Permission to open a window on the facade

Before carrying out a reform in your house, it is necessary to review every detail of the change that you want to execute, especially if it includes transformations in the structure, water and light points or redistribution of the space.

Likewise, these modifications require a certificate of occupancy, and it is mandatory that the renovation project be carried out by an architect or person specialized in structural changes.

If the reform includes modifications in the water points, pipes, electrical installations, gas, or smoke outlets, you will need other types of permits. For example, the electrical bulletin issued by a qualified technician to carry out a reform in the electrical system.

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These modifications must be notified to the corresponding town hall so that it can indicate the permits to be applied for. Building permits for kitchen renovations are essential and with them you will avoid fines, penalties and unnecessary expenses during the transformation of your spaces.

Fine for changing windows without permission

If you have to do works in your home, premises or building (provided they do not increase the volume of the same), you should know that you will need to request a building permit from the City Council of l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, established in the Municipal Ordinance regulating the actions of urban nature subject to municipal control (BOPB 27-01-2014) and the tax ordinance No. 1.06. Fee for the provision of services of Urbanism.

Depending on the work to be executed, as well as the location of the dwelling, premises or building, some or other requirements may be necessary. All this is explained in the page of the Town Hall, where it is specified what is necessary, the forms to fill in and the related procedures.

This permit is necessary in the case of carrying out works inside the house or premises without affecting the distribution, structure, facades, patios or roofs.    It is also necessary for works in the interior of lobbies or communal areas of the building, without modification of the distribution or the structure.

Do you need planning permission for a new kitchen?
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