Do you need planning permission for floodlights?

Do you need planning permission for floodlights?

Activity license

Dolon clarified that he does not know in what time frame these works can be addressed, although they will be processed through the urgency route. He assured that most of them will be carried out through minor contracts -a simple procedure from the point of view of administrative processing that does not require invitation to companies-. Although others, those exceeding 15,000 euros, will require procedures that, as they demand more requirements, will also require more procedural time. That is if the Municipal Intervention does not see fractioning and ends up claiming a joint contract and open competition to award by lots all the expenditure planned in the Theatre.

The mayor was very clear in detailing the need to make all these expenses. He was not so clear in explaining how he will deal with obtaining the opening license, which he reiterated will come later, and which is still pending the signature of the end of work by the architect Antonio Marquerie. This technician alleges that the percentage of fees derived from the cost overruns of the work, which went from being budgeted at just under six million to cost nine million, was not incorporated into his invoice. The first mayor did not specify whether the City Council has responded to the legal claim of the architect of outstanding fees with another legal action. Dolon recalled that this was announced at a meeting of government the previous Corporation chaired by José Manuel Dolon (Los Verdes). It is not clear that the legal services presented it. He also suggested that the architect should ask for those fees to the company awarded -Acciona already clarified to the previous municipal government that it considered that it had paid the architect everything stipulated in its contract-.

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Can I open a business without an opening license

In case we want to put a spotlight to illuminate we have to take into account that we can only put a line of spotlights, that the maximum projection that can have is 80 cm and that the beam of light must be directed towards the element to be illuminated.

In addition to complying with the characteristics and conditions defined in the previous sections, if we do not want our action to require a prior report from the heritage protection commission, we will have to comply with the following:

In addition to the corresponding to the processing procedure we have to clearly justify in the project that we comply with the Ordinance Outdoor Advertising (ORPE). For it will be necessary to include in the documentation that we present:

Protected buildings: Criteria of the Commission for the Protection of Historical, Artistic and Natural Heritage (CPPHAN) to be applied in urban planning license applications in listed buildings.

Fine for working without a business license

Therefore, we strongly advise you, in order to avoid expenses, surprises and headaches, to hire a competent technician to justify that the premises have the necessary requirements established by the current regulations or to previously inform you of the inconveniences, solutions and costs.

It must have smoke extraction to the roof of the building. This is a decisive point when choosing a premises for the opening of an activity with kitchen, since, although there are alternative systems (such as hoods with activated carbon filters), they are not always accepted by the competent administration. In addition, alternative systems do not always offer the same efficiency as fume extraction by hood.

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The license must specify all the equipment of machinery and work elements that the kitchen will have, so it is advisable to have catering kitchen supply companies that offer complete advice on the equipment you need.

How much is the activity license

An expert in reforms will help you to give shape to your ideas. The professional brings his knowledge and experience, he will even give you new solutions that you had not imagined. You will have an idea of the scope of your project: if it is a complex or simple work, if permits are required and an estimate of time and expenses.

In addition, he will tell you which are the most efficient materials or systems, so that you save on heating and electricity, and so that your home gets a better energy rating. He will also be aware of the existing regulations, Renove plans of your Community and aids or tax advantages that you can get.

Do not be in a hurry to start the work: all the time you invest in preparation and planning will ease the process. Keep in mind, also, that there are certain works that require requesting permissions to the City Council or to the community of neighbors and that takes time. There may also be custom-made or made-to-order materials or solutions that take a few days or weeks to arrive.

Do you need planning permission for floodlights?
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