How do I get an IATA license?

How do I get an IATA license?

Requirements to be an IATA Freight Forwarder

The Military Industry gave answers to the observations presented by means of documents synergy 01.439.883 [Iren Cespedes Rivera – 29-07-2013 12:30:37]Revised and answer was given [Dahianna Leal Garavito – 16-09-2013 07:36:21].

Economic Offer Form.ANNEX 2 Clearly in the resolution 03695 of 2006 indicates: For such reason I kindly request that the item be modified since we would be incurring in a serious fault, said ponderable aspect can be modified by agencies and/or branches at national level for the attention of the entity’s official or own attention in the different airports of the country3.

It is impossible to comply with the item required by the entity since the contractor cannot guarantee the quotas regardless of the season since we are intermediaries and we are subject to the availability of the airlines, on the other hand if the airport is closed, or the airline does not operate we cannot have a safety margin of 100% in the reservations.5.

Iata cost and requirements

IMPORTANT:In order to supervise and approve the folder, it should be sent to the following address: SERVICIO DE ACREDITACIN DE AGENCIAS.ATT: Dr. Carlos A. Bendjouya Fernndez. Paraguay 577 floor 3 (C1057AAE) Buenos Aires – Argentina. Schedule from 10:00 to 13:00 hs. Once the folder sent to this office has been approved, the second folder must be sent to IATA/Mia to the following address: IATA – Agency Service Office ATT: Miss Diana Larraaga 703 Waterford Way (NW 62nd Avenue) Miami, Florida 33126 USA TEL: (001) 305 264 7772 FAX: (001) 305 264 – 8088 NOTE THE AGENCY ACCREDITATION SERVICE (AAS) for Argentina, will inspect the offices or premises where the Agency operates in order to verify the information provided in the submission. The BSPlink system has a monthly cost of U$D 20 + VAT and the AVP (agency validation plate) has a one-time cost of ARS 21 + VAT. If you have any doubts about the enclosures, please contact the staff of this Accreditation Service by phone (011) 43144484 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or by fax (011) 4312 0093 or by E-MAIL: [email protected] Air Transport Association Cerrito 866 3rd floor (C10101AAr) Buenos Aires Argentina Tel: +54 11 5352-6006 Fax: +54 11 5256-6421

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Founded in Havana, Cuba in April 1945, IATA (International Air Transport Association) is the leading aviation industry body. IATA now represents 265 member airlines and more than 80,000 travel agents in over 120 countries. The international scheduled air transport industry has multiplied since its inception. In keeping with the industry’s standards of dynamic growth, IATA now handles more than 95 percent of the world’s scheduled air traffic. What primarily had members from Europe and North America, today has representatives from all over the world.

With a mission to represent, serve and lead the airline industry, IATA accreditation serves as the seal of approval worldwide. For travel agencies and entrepreneurs who want to rise and shine in the travel industry, an IATA accreditation can do wonders. It is definitely not mandatory to be accredited with IATA to start a travel agency, but it helps to increase the travel agency’s revenue. Moreover, if you are a bona fide IATA registered travel agent, it works as a strong contributing factor in converting your potential sellers and prospects into valuable and strong customers. Simply put, IATA accreditation increases your credibility and value as a travel agent. With more than 80,000 IATA travel agents working worldwide, the humongous figure speaks volumes about the benefits of registration with this association.

IATA certification for travel agencies

The alleged fraud of the Barcelona agency, which has left some thirty ticketed passengers without a flight, has brought to light a growing trend in the travel agency sector, the sale of tickets through other IATA-licensed retailers.

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These are usually agencies that have cancelled their license because they are not financially compensated in proportion to the ticketing they process, or for a cost-saving motive, or because they have had problems with the airline association.

He warns that the consumer “has every right in the world to travel and, in any case, what he has now is an administrative problem due to a debt with my agency but I, as an agent, cannot cancel that reservation”.

Therefore, Rafael Serra claims that “it would be necessary to technically analyze the relationship between Viajeling and Taunus” to know who is responsible for the cancellation of the tickets and if they were already issued.

A retail agency can never sell to another retail agency; there is not here a case of imtruisismo; it is not entering inside the work of the consolidators of Air Tickets, that if they have the title of Wholesaler?

How do I get an IATA license?
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