How do I import anything from China?

How do I import anything from China?

How to import from china to peru 2020

If you already have a company incorporated in Uruguay and you are informed about the costs involved in importing, you can follow the steps below to buy online in factories or wholesalers in China.

Uruguay boosts e-commerce by increasing the amount of international postal parcels to US$ 200. The regulation of the norm, allows to make purchases by Internet abroad without paying customs duties or Value Added Tax (VAT). After the approval of the new customs norm, Uruguay updates its legislation, putting itself in line with the world tendencies of Electronic Commerce. Regulatory Decree 184/012 has been in force since Friday, June 15, 2012, date on which it was published in the Official Gazette and in its article 1 it states textually:

Novel Chinese products to import 2020

This confrontation caused a slowdown in the Chinese economy, which in turn led to a fall in its exports, something that the Asian government will seek to compensate for through freer trade with countries other than the U.S., among other measures.

Against this backdrop, the Mexican domestic market could benefit from greater trade with the Asian giant, and retail chains could diversify their offerings with better quality products at lower prices.

The first of these is the supplier itself, which should be contacted directly to receive an updated catalog with product prices. This will also allow you to establish a direct channel to resolve your doubts about the quality and components used in your goods.

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Next comes the logistics part, for which you will require the services of a transport operator with access – if your goods will arrive by sea – to China’s main ports such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Tianjin and Ningbo.

How can I import from China

Importing is getting more and more followers, because you can buy many things at a lower value, and sell them here for more value, especially when importing from China, one of the most requested places when it comes to bringing products.

Also, with the advances in technology, importing products is becoming easier and easier, and a very good business. Because there will always be people who prefer to save the paperwork of importing it alone, and buy it directly here.

These are just a few tips to start importing. I invite you to review our articles on importing, so you have more details on this topic: What should I do to import? and Facts to keep in mind before importing.

I buy through Wish, since it allows me to pay with Pay Pal and my RUT account, it is very simple, the wait is a little long, but all in all I have done very well with the resale of the products. Greetings!

Cheap Chinese products

Then read on. In this article we answer all your questions and explain everything you need to know about importing from China. We will also reveal the best places to buy Chinese products online and give you a few tips on how to get the best products imported from China. Let’s get started!

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The most important thing to understand here is that to import from China you don’t necessarily need to do it in your country. You can look for the countries most open to trade relations with China, or those with the shortest shipping times.

You will not need to take care of shipping and inventory and with a few clicks your orders will be processed directly to your customers. They won’t even know that you are not handling or manufacturing the order yourself.

The best thing about using dropshipping to import from China is that you don’t have to worry about import costs, warehousing or point of sale. Not to mention that you won’t have to take care of any unsold surplus, which allows you to try different products with little risk.

How do I import anything from China?
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