How do I stop noise from my Neighbours wall?

How do I stop noise from my Neighbours wall?

How to insulate a wall of the noise of homemade way

hello everyone… I am thinking of starting to insulate the walls of three rooms in my house that are the three that face the neighbor, and given the poor insulation that there is I would like to have if you could inform me about the best solutions …

I would like a solution that eats up as little space as possible, but at the same time is as efficient as possible, maybe what I ask is not much, but I do not want to hear the neighbor more and I have no money to change house….

I have a doubt, I have seen that the glass panels are very effective, in fact I have gone to some places where they have them installed as if they were transparent walls and the noise is very well isolated, but … would it serve as to put attached to a wall?

I would also like to ask about the effectiveness of the wool panels between two sheets of plaster, and about the panels of recording studio ? someone could solve these doubts ? is that in the leroy merlin that is where I once asked did not give me the feeling that they were very set on the subject ….

How to insulate the noise of a window in a homemade way

Identify the type of noise you suffer and get to work to isolate the room from the noise of the neighbors. A good way to plan where to start and how, is to think about the origin: insulate the ceiling or insulate the walls against the noise of the neighbors. We share with you some basic tricks to help you without spending too much.

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If the sound is caused by the people next door or downstairs, don’t worry. There are simple solutions, without building work or extraordinary expenses, to insulate walls against noise from neighbors. We share with you these 3 basic tricks:

If what you are looking for is to insulate the ceiling against the noise of the neighbors upstairs, you have it a little more complicated, although not impossible. The most common solution if you do not know how to soundproof a room is to place a false ceiling.

The false ceiling creates an air chamber between your home and that of the neighbor with the high heels or the neighbor who moves chairs in the wee hours of the morning. This air chamber significantly reduces the transmission of vibrations or sound waves. It’s a simple, quick and clean job, but it does involve an expense on your part.

Home Depot Sound Insulation

Once we have chosen the type of material that we are going to place, we must take care that everything is well sealed. For example, light boxes are usually a trouble spot. If we don’t place them correctly, they can act as noise leakage points, filtering the noise even though the rest of the wall is perfectly insulated.

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I can’t stand the noise from the neighbors

Do your neighbors make noise? If the answer is yes, the problem can have several solutions, although the best one is usually to talk in a friendly way. If not, we propose some solutions so that your rest is not affected by a bad coexistence.

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If you are reading this, it is possible that you have already passed the stage of trying to talk nicely with your neighbor. If not, cheer up because that is always the first step. If your problem is shared with the rest of the neighbors you can go to the president or the administrator to send a kind letter to the neighbor in question suggesting him to moderate his activities. But if, as is often the case, you suffer your problem alone, the options become more complicated and many of them involve spending a lot of money.

How do I stop noise from my Neighbours wall?
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