How far does a flue have to be away from a window?

How far does a flue have to be away from a window?

What is the minimum height of a chimney

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– If the roof is flat and there is an obstacle the chimney must protrude at least 1m above it. If the chimney is located at a distance equivalent to 2 times the height of the obstacle, the chimney can have the same height as the obstacle.

– For sloping roofs you must also take into account the distance you will place the chimney with respect to the light fixtures (windows). If the chimney is above the window they must be placed at least 1m away, the same must be fulfilled if the chimney is at the same height.

How big a chimney should be

Chimney liners are a protective barrier usually made of metal or ceramic. Liners insulate the heat passing through the chimney, protecting flammable areas of your home’s structure. They also protect the flue masonry from cracking or crumbling mortar due to repeated heating and cooling.

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The construction and application of chimneys and flues is covered by the UK Building Regulations along with relevant European and British Standards. Although differing in emphasis, they all require the safe application of the chimney regardless of where and how it is used. These regulations and standards dictate the minimum criteria that need to be applied in order for the chimney or flue to operate safely and correctly. Building control approval is required for building new chimneys and, in some cases, for relining older chimneys, especially if there is any alteration or change to the heating appliance. The relevant regulations and standards are listed in the following section.

Pellet stove flue outlet

Depending on the type of industrial or commercial activity to be developed in a building or premises, it is mandatory to have a system that has a smoke outlet to the outside and ensures indoor air quality.

The regulations classify the quality of the exhaust air, when the air is contaminated with smoke, regardless of the use of the building or premises. The exhaust air flow rate of service premises must be a minimum of 2 dm3/s per m2 of floor area. Kitchens, parking lots, smoking rooms for continuous use, chemical laboratories, etc., are some of the spaces whose exhaust air is categorized as AE 4 (exhaust air with a very high level of contamination).

The CTE establishes that for smoke extraction systems, the fire resistance must be one hour. On the other hand, when it comes to ventilation, such resistance must be at least identical to that of the compartmentalization element through which the contaminated air passes.

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Kitchen fume venting standards

The distance between 2 parallel gas outlets must be at least 60 cm, and this distance can be reduced to 30 cm if they are not parallel (divergent), the projection of the fumes must be distant from windows that are within reach, such as a side wall with a window (located at a higher level), or a ventilation opening with a minimum distance of 1 meter. In the case that the side wall is blind, a minimum distance of 30 cm must be provided to facilitate the expulsion of smoke and the admission of fumes. A distance of 3 meters must also be kept in front of a front wall with a window, or a ventilation shaft, thus avoiding the entry of smoke through a blind wall must keep a minimum distance of 2 meters for the proper diffusion of smoke through the courtyard:

How far does a flue have to be away from a window?
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