How far does a gas tank have to be from the house?

Propane gas tank 1000 liters

The tanks to store diesel oil or gasoline are large containers specially built, in terms of safety and conservation, to store fuel. They can be used in companies, industries or even communities of neighbors. For it, it is fundamental to destine a special place where the tank will be placed. This must be a cool place, with a good air flow. These are essential characteristics to protect the fuel avoiding accidents and also without damaging its characteristics.

In addition, due to the fact that the price of diesel oil can vary, which depends on the needs of the buyers, there are many companies or homes with diesel oil heating that have opted to have their own tanks to store diesel oil or gasoline. In this way, they can cover their production needs and have the fuel always at hand.

Whenever fuel is stored, tank ventilation is essential for the sake of safety. It will also depend on the type of system to consider the type of installation the tank should have. It is important that it can evacuate the toxic gases that will be released into the atmosphere. This is because diesel oil is volatile and also toxic. To ensure proper venting/evacuation of gases, the venting system should have a vent pipe and a vent valve.

Regulatory diesel oil storage

Oil heating is one of the most common options in homes where the natural gas distribution network does not reach. For the installation of oil heating it is necessary to choose the model of oil boiler with the most suitable power for the home in question.

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Thus, when heating oil we can extract in the following order, from the simplest to the most complex, the following derivatives: solid residues, oils and lubricants, gas oil, kerosene, gasoline, solvents and liquefied petroleum gases (LPG).

Although diesel C is the type of diesel oil most commonly used in the domestic sector because of its low price, diesel B is also sold for heating purposes. For example, Carrefour offers gasoil B and C for heating, with 3% of the amount spent on gasoil discounted in the price of the purchase in the supermarket.

The installation of heating oil must be carried out, as with natural gas, by an authorized company with RITE (Regulation of Technical Installations in Buildings) certification. In this way, we can be sure that the installation will have all the necessary safety and efficiency measures.

Rd 1427 97

The regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), establishes in section the exemptions related to the nature of the transport operation, exempting from compliance with the various obligations established by this regulation:

“(a) to the carriage of dangerous goods carried by private individuals when these goods are packaged for retail sale and intended for personal or domestic use or for leisure or sporting activities on condition that measures are taken to prevent any leakage of contents under normal conditions of carriage. When these goods are flammable liquids transported in refillable containers filled by or for a private individual, the total quantity shall not exceed 60 liters per container and 240 liters per transport unit. Dangerous goods in GRGIIBC, large packagings or tanks are not considered to be packed for retail sale;”.

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For its part, Royal Decree 706/2017, of July 7, which approves the Complementary Technical Instruction MI-IP 04 “Installations for supply to vehicles” and regulates certain aspects of the regulation of oil installations, establishes in its Third Additional Provision:

How to store diesel oil at home

But, what is the reason for acquiring a large tank? Due to the economic crisis that we are living and the uncertainty about what may happen in the future, more and more families are buying tanks to store a reserve of fuel in case of need. Another advantage of having a tank at home is the significant savings that can be made by buying a larger quantity of liters. In the end, families benefit from a much cheaper price per liter in addition to always having a fuel reserve at hand which could, in certain circumstances, be a decisive advantage (no installation standards need to be met for tanks up to 1000 liters).

Buckets: Models without a built-in bucket (single wall) up to 1000 liters require a collection tray with a capacity of at least 10% of the tank capacity. Above 1000 liters, the capacity will have to be 100% of the inner tank. Models with built-in bucket -double wall- do not require buckets.

How far does a gas tank have to be from the house?
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