How long can you be delayed before compensation?

Compensation for flight delays

When calculating flight delays, the time of arrival at the final destination must always be taken into account. But when exactly is an aircraft considered to have arrived? The European Court of Justice in September 2014 ruled that it is considered as arrival, the opening of at least one of the aircraft doors as long as passengers are able to disembark from the aircraft.

Important: If you choose to have the ticket price refunded, you are also entitled to receive compensation of up to 600 €. Even if you have received a discount voucher or gift card for hotels or meals.

If the flight is postponed until the next day, you are also entitled to one night’s hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the airport. As a rule, the airline arranges accommodation and transportation on its own. Before booking a room on your own, ask the airline first to avoid future misunderstandings and always ask for written proof of their intention to cover these costs.

Compensation for delay of flight to Mexico

If due to the delay the trip is no longer necessary, in addition to the compensation you can request the full reimbursement of the ticket price within 7 days. And also the transfer to the point of origin if you are displaced when this happens.

Cancelled flights are considered for practical purposes in the same way as delays of more than 3 hours. In other words, you are entitled to an alternative flight, accommodation and meals until you reach your destination and compensation of between 250 and 600 euros.

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Compensation for international flight delays

EU rules on the rights of ship passengers generally apply to travel on board most ferries and cruises by sea or inland waterways (rivers, lakes or canals), provided that the journey:

Throughout the journey, the operator must provide clear and correct information about the service, passenger rights and access conditions for persons with disabilities or reduced mobility. The information must also be available in a format accessible to people with disabilities.

The EU rules also protect you, your luggage, your vehicle and, if necessary, your mobility equipment in the event of an incident at sea. They also establish the responsibility of transport companies in these situations. The rules may apply to those domestic and international sea crossings where:

Prior to the voyage, the transport company must provide you with clear and adequate information about your rights if you buy the ticket in an EU country (or, at the latest, at departure if you are traveling from a non-EU country).

Flight delays vivaaerobus

In addition, the main difficulty in enforcing these rights lies in the lack of knowledge on the part of consumers and that, in most cases, their enforcement is only achieved through legal proceedings and by the hand of specialists in air law.

Very important! Airlines will be exempted from the payment of these compensations as long as they can prove that the delay is due to extraordinary circumstances. However, they are still obliged to provide the care required by Article 9 of the regulation as well as in any case the reimbursement of the unused route or the payment of the alternative transport if it has been made at the passenger’s expense.

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1. Art. 5.2 of EU Regulation 261/2004 stipulates that the airline is not liable if it proves the existence of circumstances that could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. For example, the ash cloud from the eruption of one of Iceland’s most active volcanoes, which forced the closure of European airspace in April 2011.

How long can you be delayed before compensation?
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