What are the legal requirements of a cafe?

Budget for a coffee shop

We all know that “bar down the street” or the one that only the hipsters in town go to. Whatever the type of business, the process is similar. You will need an opening license to start your business.

As it is difficult to talk about each province, I will try to outline a guide of the key aspects to keep in mind. Generally, you need to provide the following documentation to obtain an opening or activity license for a hospitality business:

To open a cafeteria, as to start any activity, it is advisable to contact an expert technician in the field. This person will be in charge of advising and processing all the necessary permits and licenses such as, for example, the previous communication and the building permit, if required.

A good technical advice will avoid administrative and economic problems, since if you do not have the opening license, you can receive sanctions. If you need an opening license for your cafeteria, do not hesitate to ask for a quote and one of the experts in your area will contact you.

Project of a cafeteria pdf

It is also important that you contact your local Canirac, since belonging to this organization will allow you to obtain a series of benefits. The Canirac has a presence throughout Mexico, so you can find a delegation in your city.

It is necessary to analyze the positions, the profile of each one of them, the documentation they must have. This way you can focus on looking for people with certain skills and you will know what permits to cover, such as food handling, alcoholic beverage control, for example.

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“Nothing is better than enjoying a good meal to celebrate life and special moments.” Marlene is adept at venturing out to new places that offer quality service with well-prepared food. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most popular taqueria or a formal restaurant. The important thing is to enjoy the experience.

What is needed for a small cafeteria

To open a bar, cafeteria or restaurant is an exciting project that requires a lot of work and, of course, numerous formalities. When starting a venture of this magnitude, it is very important to be clear about the steps to be taken to comply at all times with the rules and avoid the process taking longer than it should.

First of all, bear in mind these tips so that all the steps and formalities ahead of you do not prevent you from making your project a reality. First of all, start doing all the paperwork in advance, since this process usually takes longer than expected and can delay the opening of the business. Keep in mind that the requirements of the Administration and the necessary documentation may vary from one autonomous community to another, and even from one municipality to another, but many of them are common or very similar.

From the Association of Cafés and Bars of Zaragoza we want to make all this work easier for you and that is why, in addition to offering you this guide of the necessary steps to open your business, we can also carry out all these complex procedures for you to save you time and, of course, money. If you are interested or have any questions, you can contact us at 976 21 52 41 or through this form.

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Budget to open a coffee shop in peru

It is not about having a university degree just for the sake of it, but to understand that when you take a degree or an engineering course you learn about subjects that will make it possible for your business to be a success.

They also learn about other aspects such as the history of gastronomy, techniques and procedures to present long-term investment budgets in the administrative and accounting process in the gastronomic area.

If you have really wondered what career to study if you want to have your own business, surely many people have told you that one of the best options is a degree in Business Administration.

This task can be done thanks to their knowledge of financial and accounting systems. In addition, they are responsible for making decisions when it is necessary to invest money or finance a project.

They are specialists in capital analysis, which makes it possible to create new businesses.  Therefore, if you decide to study Financial Management, you will understand from start to finish what you need to know to make your business idea see the light of day.

What are the legal requirements of a cafe?
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