What are the safety precautions during the game?

What are the safety precautions during the game?

Safety measures for children’s playground equipment

Exercising, playing sports and being physically active is an opportunity to take care of our health and improve both our physical and mental condition. There is clear evidence that being physically active contributes effectively to improving our health and preventing or alleviating many diseases and health problems.

In a way adapted to our age, we can all incorporate this healthy habit in our daily routine, whether you practice for the first time or take it up again after some time without any physical activity.

To achieve the recommendations of a healthy physical activity practice, it is very important to take into account three basic aspects: exercising regularly, reducing the time of sedentary activities, and interrupting sedentary periods (avoiding sitting in the same posture for a long time, doing short stretching sessions or taking a short walk).

Sedentary activities are those that require little movement and therefore very little energy expenditure, such as traveling by car, sitting in front of the TV or other screens: cell phones, computers, tablets, video games…

Steps to prevent injuries to the body

To make sure you or your child is physically fit enough to play a particular sport, a doctor should perform a “sports physical”. These physical exams can reveal physical strengths and weaknesses and help determine which sports are appropriate.

Sweat loss during sports should be replaced with equal amounts of fluids per hour of intense sports activity. You or your child should drink fluids before, during, and after each practice or game. To avoid stomach cramps from drinking large amounts of fluids at one time, drink about one glass of water (or sports drink) every 15 to 20 minutes. Drinks containing carbonated beverages or caffeine should be avoided.

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For this upward progression, thanks are due in large part to the boom in mobile and tablet games, whose 2015 revenues were respectively 20.6 billion and 9.4 billion. They are the ones experiencing the biggest upturn compared to 2014 – up 21% and 27% – although in absolute terms they are still behind game consoles (more than 25 billion) and computers (more than 27 billion), the real kings of the sector.

Against this backdrop, the best thing any video game enthusiast can do is to take precautions. Following certain security tips can prevent major problems if the platforms you use on a daily basis are once again the target of attacks.

Safety measures for playing soccer

The facilities in general must have security measures in place to avoid accidents when it was possible to avoid them. Some of the places where it is important to secure and restrict access are the following:

In this space you will find valuable information about the stages your child is going through and also those that promise to arrive soon. Don’t get caught in a curve! With the right information we can better handle everyday situations, both at school and at home.

What are the safety precautions during the game?
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