What boots are Marines authorized to wear?

What boots are Marines authorized to wear?

U.S. Army Camouflage

Marines serve the armed forces on the front lines of combat. They train to operate in a wide range of conditions, from tropical jungles to the cold Arctic. Physical fitness is vitally important.

Most recruits join a command with general duties. Some specialize in other routes, which may consist, for example, of working as weapons specialists, physical training instructors, cooks or drivers, among others. There are several specializations within the Corps.

Marines must be prepared to live and work anywhere in the country and abroad. In addition, they must be prepared to work under the most difficult, dangerous (and sometimes deadly) conditions.

Marine Special Forces

The sailor uniform is the one used by sailors of various navies or navies. Its predominant colors are generally dark blue and white and it has the characteristic of having rectangular collars, generally blue.

In the United States, the first standard maritime uniform dates back to 1817. In the case of the summer uniform, it consisted of white denim jacket, pants and vest, while the winter uniform was a blue jacket and pants, red vest with yellow buttons and a black hat. It was only in the 19th century, after the Napoleonic wars, that governments began to prescribe a uniform standard of maritime dress.

Another particular detail is that the fly is traditionally closed with buttons instead of zippers. When zippers were made of metal, it rusted much more easily in the marine environment and stained the uniforms. The fact that they had more or fewer buttons is nothing more than tradition: in the old days, pants had only one or two buttons to keep the fly closed.

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U.S. Army Uniform

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Ranks in the Marines

rsegal I would note that the comparison you make in passing, that an MI is selective in a way that orbital bombardment simply isn’t, implies that you consider both to be weapons deployed by the Marines, rather than simply carried by them on occasion. That fits the Marines much better. Also, the lack of armor support makes it harder to reconcile MI with MI. (Granted, the point of the MI suit is armor support, but it feels more like an extension of elite infantry rather than a reduction of tanks or helicopters.) A fast, well-armed unit supported only by naval artillery batteries? Sounds like marines to me.

What boots are Marines authorized to wear?
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